Winners and weekend fun

21st March 2008 by Denise

First up, something to make you smile. The wonderful Jonathan Howells, film making star of the MOO Egg Hunt has finished his latest masterpiece. You met ‘Hugo, The Cat of 1000 Faces’, while searching for Eggs – here we present Episode 3, The Star Wars special. We’re not sure who we love best, Leia, Darth or Yoda… Enjoy!

Next-up, something to read. We’ve talked about Flickr user Epmd many times before. He’s been leaving MiniCards in various places around the globe as an ongoing ‘Found Art’ project. Now he talks about the project in this great article on JPG.

Epmd has also inspired other Flickr users to start their own projects. Macwagen has taken up the challenge and is photographing and mapping his cards as he leaves them. You can see his map here.

If you’d like to take part in something MOO related but a bit less energetic, join in the MOO-SLAM project. Rei Dishon, Tel Aviv based photographer and designer is collecting MiniCards to display as part of an exhibition. He’s already exhibited in Italy and would like to gather cards from other MOO users out there for his next, more local exhibition. Find out more, and get involved.

And now, the winner of our MiniChallenge! We asked you to write a poem about the MOO Egg Hunt, or MOO itself. Thank you so much for all your entries, both here – and on LiveJournal. Judging this was much harder than anticipated!

The winner is this late entry by Doomz. We were most impressed at the way he managed to sneak so many of our Egg Hunt Partners names in there – and bad yolks, indeed :-) Here is his winning entry:


This game turned our heads around like we were trapped in a twister
Picture-perfect moments, man, we should

Comments (7)

  1. Nina Kristine:

    BAH!! I’m very sad because I had no idea you guys were in the UK and I thought I had until Friday afternoon here in the USofA…it’s 11:15AM here and I just woke up. Anyway, here was my entry to the poetry contest. :( :( :( :( :( :(

    (tried to post as an embedded player, but it didn’t work…so here’s a link to download an mp3 of me reciting my poem:

    Twas three weeks before Easter and on PCs & Macs
    Moo fans started buzzing ’bout free moo card packs
    A contest was birthed by the makers of Moo
    That sent us all searching in Timbuk2

    I with my mouse and my laptop online
    Had settled on Picnik to graphic design
    When what amongst “contrast” and “sharpen” behold?
    But a colorful egg and his moo egg hunt code!

    I was up like a flash and suddenly hooked!
    I clicked & I read. I deciphered. I looked.
    Each morning on livejournal’s RSS feed
    I joined throngs of hunters searching clues that we’d need.

    The Oracle Corvus, new hints he would pen
    As into el mundo, los huevos he’d send
    On Esteban and Chavez!
    On Pancho, Fredrico!
    On Sandalio and El Smashing Supremo!
    Across the world wide web they did sail
    Snuggling deep within lines of old HTML

    Now faster than eagles we’d leap from our beds
    As photos from Flickr danced ’round in our heads
    Through Blurb’s books and Etsy we hoped hat we find
    Our breakfast, an omelet: the moo egg hunt kind

    One, by one, to their carton returned
    As each egg’s location was quickly discerned
    In orders, outdoors, and everywhere else
    Hunters resounded big E U R E K A yells

    All the eggs safe, ,the hunt draws near its end
    As Denise and Alicia good tidings they send
    Little Moo by their sides and twinkling eyes,
    “Happy Easter to all and to all a Moo Prize!”

  2. Aaron Moring:

    I really, REALLY like the Night Before Christmas one in the comments Nina Kristine posted. Any chance for an across the ocean prize for the time difference? She did get all the names into it…

  3. Julien:

    Thanks to the Moo team for the great outdoors egg hunt! Yesterday I received lots of prizes (4 actually, a new Moo card holder, a Flickr pro account, a Picnik pro account and a Blurb book!!!), I know it’s easter, but it feels more like Christmas ^^

  4. Eric Petersen/EPMD:

    Thanks for all the support and publicity for this project. It was so much fun to do. I so recommend trying the project if you can, it’s been a lot of fun. And I can’t say how much I love these little cards, they are an awesome product. Thanks for giving me the means of creating this project of mine. Who knows, maybe I’ll start 100-200 soon. Thanks again.


  5. Doomz (Casey Palmer):

    Sweet! I wrote that from Caesar’s Palace in Vegas while on vacation :D Years of writing raps for no good reason have finally paid off :P

  6. Fatima Alameri:

    Congratz to all ^__^
    and Thanks moo so much for Everything !
    You draw smiles on peoples faces ^__^

    God bless you all!

  7. Jo Eaton:

    Thank you so much for the goodies! I feel quite spoiled. :)

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