Egg Hunt update and a Mini-Challenge

17th March 2008 by Denise

Well, we’re eggtremely sad to say the Online Egg Hunt and the hunt for Eggs in the Great Outdoors is finally over. Friday’s winners are listed at the end of this post, and winners of the Outdoor Hunt will be notified in the next 3 days. There are, however still some Eggs hidden in orders making their way across the globe, so look out for them – and if you do get lucky, fill in your details on the Egg Hunt page, to claim your prize.

Don’t forget there’s still the Ultimate Egg Basket prize draw too! On April 21st, we’ll select one overall winner from all the correct entries we’ve received, to win a basket full of upto $1000 worth of prizes.

Thanks to everyone for playing! We’ve really enjoyed your puzzling, your teaming up, your ‘Eureka!’ moments, and the fantastic little poems of Corvus, our wonderful clue-writer.

And, talking of poems, we’ve decided to have a Mini-Challenge.
Pen us a poem about Egg Hunting, clue-solving or MOO istself and post it in the comments below. We’ll pick one winner on Friday afternoon to win a special prize. Go on – you know you want to!

We’ll start the ball rolling with a couple of poems in honour of Corvus, The Cluewriter himself:

Here’s Alicia’s poem:

He came to us, an angel
Behold in golden hues

He stepped up to the challenge
To write for us some clues

With very little notice, and very little time
He produced within minutes, his first amazing rhyme

These poems were ever so beautiful, at writing he is adept
These poems took you all over the big wide internet

He helped you find our Eggies, he helped you crack the code
And for his work, forever, our gratitude he’s owed


And here is mine:

Corvus, thank you for the help
You gave us all at MOO
How could we do a hunt without you?
I really haven’t a clue.

It’s been great fun
We’ve enjoyed the ride
We’re sad it had to end.
But one thing’s for sure,
We know it’s true,
MOO’s got a brand new friend.


Think you can do better? (I don’t doubt it). Well – Get cracking!


And finally, the winners of Fridays Eggs. The Egg Scrambling Heroes are:

Egg Thirty-Eight: Alex Rea, at 11:15
Hint #1: What sort of outing might include sandwiches, kite flying and badminton.
Hint #2: What does their principle disagreement center around?
Hint #3: The last two stanzas tell you where to go on this partner site!
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on image editing site, picnik!

Egg Thirty-Nine: Kymberlie R. McGuire, at 17:01
Hint #1: The second two blanks are decoys.
Hint #2: There’s a command verb hidden in the poem too!
Hint #3: Where else might we keep sets of all our photos?
Still stuck? The egg was hidden in the Moo Pool on Flickr!

Egg Forty: Susan Amy V , at 17:10
Hint #1: Need to check the prize list? You’ve been to this site before!
Hint #2: You know which keywords to search for, right?
Hint #3: Every single one of you, give yourselves a HUGE pat on the back for playing along! I’ve been watching you figure things out and I think you’re all amazing!
Still stuck? The egg was hidden on Blurb!

Comments (25)

  1. Jess:

    Dear moo
    A poem for you

    The egg hunt was fun
    it even got me out into the sun

    The ones on the internet
    were some of the funniest yet

    I even won an early birthday gift
    and now that it’s over, I’m really miffed!

    Thanks moo for the fun time! You guys are great :)

  2. Rachel Keslensky:

    “Moo Minicard Haiku”

    Tiny custom cards
    Everyone loves their look, feel

    They’re gone already?

  3. katie:

    What about the nine random winners from each clue? We’re they already picked and emailed on the sly, or will we find those out in the future?

    P.S. After all that fun, you know I’m working on a poem!

  4. katie:

    Oh no, I’m embarrassed about that errant apostrophe up there! It’s very early here in L.A. :)

  5. Denise:

    @Katie – we’ll forgive the errant apostrophe if you promise not to point out the millions of errors in my blog posts, past (probably present) and future :)

    The additional winners for every egg were emailed outside of the blog. As there were 9 for every one, it was quite a lot of names to include each time, and we thought people might get a bit worn out, wading through the names.

  6. Corvus:

    A fortnight’s term I’ve held my tongue,
    And not stopped by to comment
    Lest I slip in some telling clue.
    It’s really been a torment!

    The folks at Moo, both staff and fans
    Have really overwhelmed me
    Clues I thought hard, or most obtuse,
    You all solved so adroitly.

    Denise and Alicia deserve
    All the praise that we can muster.
    For putting on a grand affair
    With polish and such luster.

    To you who guessed all of my clues
    In minutes, if not mere moments,
    To each of you I give salute
    and doff my hat in utmost reverence.

  7. Anna Fruen:

    A week of frantic hunting,
    A week of cryptic clues.
    Of stopping by the comments page
    To get the latest news.

    Then right off the bat,

    Some clues were quickly unscrambled,
    Others much harder to crack.
    Well done, those hunters unbeaten,
    They’ve really developed a knack!

    For hours they sat!

    Corvus, the mastermind poet,
    Laid breadcrumbs for us all to follow
    And pointed out trees to tap on
    Till we found the one that is hollow.

    So thank you for that!

    Although the hunt is over,
    We’ve had a lot of fun.
    And hundreds hope their trusty egg
    Will be the winning one!

  8. Jennifer:

    crap…the java must be enabled page ate my poem…and I’m too lazy to do it all good with rhyme again ^^; so I’ll just make a little thank you peom instead.
    Anyway…I’m sad I didn’t get 39…but it was expected :(

    Thanks Moo for The good times!
    Can’t wait until next year! (hopefully)
    Until tHen I’ll have to practise my clue solving skillz,
    and mAke sure that next time I’m an egghead :B
    Hopefully gettiNg some mexican egg sticKers, to tide over my egg addiction.
    You guyS rock!

  9. koalajoe:

    Morning! Fellow Moo-ers! Have you had your breakfast yet?
    Orange juice, eggs, bacon, harsh brown, eggs.
    Oops! Did I say egg twice?

    I went everywhere, looking for these eggs, all 40 of them.
    Shame on me! I only found 10.

    Finding them all is not an easy job.
    Understanding the clues is the key to winning.
    No prize yet? No worry! Write a poem for the special prize!
    It doesn’t rhyme, but at least… “MOO IS FUN” :P

  10. PAW:

    Hi there Moo! At first I went crazy!
    Hunting for eggs, ’til I became lazy-

    I was pants at it, for you see,
    My noggin’ it hurt, from all of that re-

    reading the clues – they certainly boggle
    maybe I’d've won if I was a mogul?

    Nevertheless it was such fun
    To miss a few lectures, for tea and a bun

    And searching the ‘net, for elusive yolk,
    so thanks to you Corvus, and the wonderous Moo folk

    There, any good? :]

  11. Caroline:

    There once was a comp’ny called Moo
    Who’s egg-hunt was known by a few
    They hid eggs ’round the world
    With bright colors unfurled
    But alas, I found none–oh, boohoo!

  12. sofia:

    hidden here,hidden there
    eggs were spread but no one there..

    searching days,searching hours
    my hand gone crazy by clicking around..

    i found one ,i found two
    i kept searching, i found a moo

    it was fun,it was cool
    after all it was a game for tour!

    thank you all,thank you moo
    i love eggs,that is a true!!

  13. Andrea Wasson:

    There once were some tricky little eggs from Moo,
    Who hid behind cryptic, mind-bending clues
    Deciphered by Vox bloggers in search of fun prizes
    For my sake, I hope the finds were done with surmises

    Hint after hint, to me the words made no sense,
    And try though I might to solve them, I was left feeling dense…
    Solving the clues was clearly a task I simply could NOT manage…
    Yet, my daughter solved them all… in spite of brain damage!

    Until I took part in this little egg hunt endeavor
    I use to think I was fairly bright and quite clever…
    It is painfully obvious my brain is a mess
    And now I feel the need to openly confess
    Because my mental short comings I can no longer circumvent…
    The truth is, every egg “I” found was discovered by accident!

  14. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    Yay! I was finally first on one of the eggs! :-)

    I’ll try and come up with a poem later when I feel more inspired. lol

  15. Rachel:

    How I love my little Moo
    theres so much that I can do!
    make some cards or make some stickers,
    maybe use your stuff from flickr!

    They’ll have some fun stuff, I partake
    and afterwards, the items I make!
    I love my moo so much indeed
    and hope for prizes, i do plead!


  16. Susan Amy:

    Awesome, I got an egg first, I can’t wait to see what prize I get!

  17. ollka:

    Hi there! No poem, sorry, but I have two Timbuk2 discount codes that I won and can’t use. Whoever wants them, please contact me through my blog (link above).

    And Moo – thank you so much! It was great times, and I can’t believe I won three prizes when before – I never won anything. I’m certainly glad I worked hard on those clues:)

  18. MarTeeny:

    Here’s a couple from the top of the ol’ noggin’ for ya!
    Thank you to Corvus
    Thank you to Moo
    Thanks to Denise and Alicia too

    We loved the challenge
    We loved the great clues
    We loved that you gave us all something to do

    It was great to take part
    So fun to compete
    In a contest incredibly creative & sweet!

    I’m sad the eggies have gone
    I’m sad I ne’er won
    But I’m most sad that the enitre game is now done

    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    little Moo watched in wonder
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    It shook Moo’s eggshell like thunder
    All the King’s horses & all the king’s men
    Denise, Corvus & Alicia took little moo in
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again
    and Moo told them of prizes the whole land could win!

  19. Denise:

    It’s terribly vain of me to write this after reading that – but I do love this challenge :D

  20. Allyson:

    Oh Moo… Thank you so much for the prize from the egg hunt. I never win things and was beginning to lose hope when this morning I check my email and find a you’ve won a prize email from moo. Thanks again :-)

  21. Susan Amy V:

    Umm its been three days since its been announced that I got the last egg first. When will I be informed of my prize?

  22. Jess:

    My job is really fun
    The company is kinda like Moo
    But due to this egg hunt
    I spend time not doing what I should do.

    I found four eggs online.
    And I had won a neat prize,
    But to my surprise
    Another egg came in my mail.

    So now I spent more money…
    ‘Cause I’m so addicted to Moo.
    Ponoko and NoteCards, I’m excited because
    I just sent more money to you!

  23. Doomz:

    This game turned our heads around like we were trapped in a twister
    Picture-perfect moments, man, we should’ve caught it on Flickr
    A lot of crazy clues stumped a lot of Moo-lovin’ folks
    We should get Etsy tees saying: “We suffered some bad yolks”
    It’s like a Picnik, packing omlettes by the dozen
    Post some Blurbs ’bout crackin’ quips with our cousin
    40 eggs hidden from here to Timbuk2
    With crazy rhymes written up by you-know-who
    If I had more time, I had far more rhymes bakin’
    So Moo could really see my Style Shakin’
    But for now I’ve gotta get crackin’, so this here rhyme’s fine
    While I wait for an egg hunt in 2 double-oh 9!!!

  24. L.A:

    Moo is what they call you, that’s why I love you
    Moo is your light, a way to make me bright
    Moo is a song, that makes people long
    Moo is your card, that makes other go want you.

    So Moo please be ready, cause i’ll share you

  25. Denise:

    @Susan Amy V – sorry to hear it’s not come through yet. I will pass your comment on and get it double checked on Tuesday. (It’s a bank holiday today and Monday, in the UK). We’ll be in touch as soon as we can.

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