Friday Morning – Final Day of MOO Egg Hunt!

14th March 2008 by Alicia

Hello on this emotional morning, as we draw our MOO Egg Hunt to a close. With only three more online eggs to find, we, at MOO HQ, are shedding a small tear as we bid farewell to what has been an incredible two weeks of finding, seeking, investigating, conspiring, thinking, uncovering and of course, winning!

Whilst our online Egg Hunt ends today, you still have the whole weekend to find eggs in the ‘Great Outdoors’, so don’t despair just yet. There are still more prizes to be won and fun to be had!

(And when you check back this afternoon for the final two clues, we may just have an *eggstra* surprise for you!)

And here comes another clue…

Clue for Egg Thirty-Eight

She liked her sandwiches circular,
While I preferred traditional square.

My kite was an old fashioned diamond
While hers looked more like a pear.

We played a game of badminton,
But it was an octagonal affair.

My hat was comprised of three corners,
She preferred her men hatless. I declare!

We’ve created a total disaster.
It’s driven me quite to despair.

We’re mismatched in most every way
The shape of things are beyond repair.

Hint #1: What sort of outing might include sandwiches, kite flying and badminton.
Hint #2: What does their principle disagreement center around?


And finally, the hints, location and resting place of Egg Thirty-Five – the Egg Cracking heroes (joint winners!) are:

Egg Thirty-Five: Jo Carter and Rachel, at 11.28

Hint #1: You’re looking for our blog on a blogging service.
Hint #2: Box, socks, auks, fox, rocks, squawks, blocks, unlocks… __x?
Hint #3: Search for

Comments (16)

  1. Zachary:

    Wow, you guys have saved the best for last! I haven’t gotten any of yesterdays clues and I don’t think that trend is going to stop lol!

  2. Jo Carter:

    Yay!! I won something :)

    Don’t know what yet, but hope it’s something Moo or Flickr :)

  3. Roxy:

    Yeah! I got it!

  4. Punky:

    egg #38 has me stumped. LOL!

    It’s sad knowing that today is the last day for egg hunting.
    I’m definitely going to wait up for the last two clues later.. even if it’s 1.00am over here.

  5. Caroline:

    Stumped on this one, AND still stumped on 36! Life’s rough. ;)

  6. spica:

    stumped! D: hints would be nice, especially from those who solved it. XD

  7. Alicia:

    Guess what? There are now more hints added to yesterday afternoon’s clues. Just over an hour left to find those two eggs!

  8. Zachary:

    Haha, even with all three hints for 36 and 37, I still can’t find them. I’m feeling really dense. :-)

  9. alex:

    i managed to find one out of all the 36 moo’s def wasn’t the first but hey i got there in the end am totally stumped by this last one though.

  10. Soo Yin:

    Finally got this after the hint was given! =)

  11. katie:

    When I had an idea where the egg was this morning, and I didn’t find it right away, I got so frustrated! I gave up for a few hours. I shouldn’t have. I’ve just been so sad this has to end! You’ve got me all teary-eyed, MOO! :)

    Thanks for the good times!

  12. Jenn:

    that last hint almost through me off, well done moo! that was an eggcellent hiding egg 38

  13. Rachel:

    hey, which Rachel are we talking about here? i’m hoping it’s me LOL

  14. Relly:

    woo! got 37!!! finally

  15. Relly:

    d’oh, 38

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