Thursday Morning – Only 2 ‘Egg Hunt’ days to go!

13th March 2008 by Alicia

Good morning and welcome to the penultimate day of our Online Egg Hunt! With only a handful of more clues to come, now is the time to put your thinking cap firmly on your head, and hunker down to find these last few eggs.

The good news is that our ‘Great Outdoors’ Egg Hunt doesn’t close until Sunday night (11.59 GMT) so you still have a bit more time to take to the streets to find eggs. In fact, there are still whole cities where not a single egg has been found, so if you’re the first you’re guaranteed to win a great prize! The undiscovered eggs are in Montreal, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines and Salmon Arm, all in Canada, as well as Oslo, Norway, Bordeaux, France, Konstanz, Germany and Oaxaca, Mexico, so head over to our Egg Hunt Flickr Pool to take a look!

And now for this morning’s clue…

Clue for Egg Thirty-Five
Don’t get trapped in a box.
Particularly without any socks.
Or with some irritable auks,
Being chased by a clever young fox.

There’s a blog out there that rocks.
And about our events we post squawks,
In little text squares we call blocks.
This rhyme scheme, the site name unlocks.


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Thirty-One and Thirty-Two – the Egg Cracking hero (a double winner!) is:

Egg Thirty-One: Elly Parker, at 11.01
Hint #1: Do you know where we list our employees?
Hint #2: Do you know where we list our job opportunities?
Hint #3: Which of these names is not like the others?
Still stuck? We’d hidden this little egg on MOO’s About section which revealed itself if your mouse hovered over the right name for 30s!

Egg Thirty-Two: Elly Parker, at 11.07
Hint #1: The second stanza hides a designer’s name.
Hint #2: A Thesaurus may come in handy, as well as some knowledge about the arctic.
Hint #3: The first stanza contains clues about which page you’ll need to visit.
Still stuck? The egg was hidden on MOO Designer Peskimo’s website which revealed itself if you ran your mouse over the little blue animal!

Comments (18)

  1. Nick:

    i know i have it i just cant find it!

  2. alia:

    I know the site, but I haven’t found it yet!

  3. Jo Carter:

    Found it :)

  4. Ramie:

    Same, I spent way too much time looking… And then the egg suddenly appeared where I’d been looking. Think this is just another case of they had to coax him out :) Check again.

  5. Punky:

    still hunting for it :)

  6. Jo:

    Found it, but it wasn’t there right on the hour. It only appeared about 20 minutes after, by my best guess.

  7. Roxy:

    got it!!!!

  8. Nick:

    knew the little bugger was hiding!

  9. phoenixineohp:

    They just put it up… right after I gave up. :S

  10. Punky:

    Just found it! :D

  11. Kerces:


    Before this ends (seeing as how you’ve reminded us it can’t go on forever), I’d really like to thank you guys at Moo for putting in all the effort to organise this for our entertainment. It’s certainly exposped me to a whole heap of sites I probably wouldn’t have stumbled across on my own…not to mention getting enthused about moos once again. So thanks!

  12. alia:

    got it! dunno if I was first though…

  13. Kia Vo:

    It seems it can be found on more than one page, so I hope that all links that it can be found on are valid.

  14. Jennifer:

    got it! :)

  15. Corie:

    Yay! I think I found it too!

  16. Lynda:

    I found the flying federico

  17. katie:

    The site seems so obvious, but I can’t find it. Is there some special trick to getting him out? The clue doesn’t seem to say.

  18. katie:

    Nevermind! Right site, wrong MOO! :)

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