Wednesday Afternoon – More clues – and a greeting card sale!

12th March 2008 by Alicia

Hello from London, on this sunny, but rather blustery afternoon. I wanted to give you another quick head’s up that for the next two weeks our Greeting cards are still on sale. At a 20% discount, this is the perfect time to stock up for all your future ‘greeting needs’. Why not be prepared and make a few of the following cards; Happy Birthday, Thank You, Get Well Soon, Congratulations, Thinking of You, Good Luck… and maybe throw in a ‘Sorry’ card just to be on the safe side?!

Just use the promocode 6JRVB3 on the payment page.

Whilst you’re thinking about who, in your life, deserves a nice MOO Greeting Card, let’s get on with some more clues…

Clue for Egg Thirty-Three

Be-bop-a-shoo-bop, she’s my baby.
Bo Peeps a sweetie, don’t mean maybe.

Moola, payola, greenbacks, dough
I love to socialize, don’t you know.

Be-bop-a-loo-bop, she’s a picture
Bo Peeps in a video, uploaded by her sister.

Mooncalves we are, with our social sites,
Updating profiles all the day and night!

Clue for Egg Thirty-Four

An egg who dressed up in style
Hadn’t been seen in a while.
As a true fashion mav’rick,
Was found sorting through fabric.
With a partner who dealt in textile!


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Twenty-Nine and Thirty – the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Twenty-Nine: Alex Rea, at 17.01

Hint #1: Do you login when you stop by the site?
Hint #2: If not, perhaps you should try it today.
Hint #3: Just be sure not to stay logged in when you leave!
Still stuck? We’d hidden this little egg on on the ‘Sign-Out page’ on MOO.

Egg Thirty: Katie, at 17.03

Hint #1: Whereabouts could this Egg be?
Hint #2: You’ve been here before too.
Hint #3: But do you know everything about them?
Still stuck? We’d hidden this little egg on on the ‘About Page’ on Timbukt2!.

Comments (26)

  1. Zachary:

    Got 33!

  2. Zachary:

    Whoops, actually I got 34… 33 is a stumper.

  3. Melissa:

    got 34, but 33… sometimes I don’t even have a clue…

  4. marcy:

    Got 34! Woo hoo! I think I might have a shot this time :)

  5. Karen:

    33 was tricky for me!

  6. Jayesh:

    got 34!

  7. Lloyda:

    yey got 34! i love that site very much. i’ve been visiting that site for quite a while now.

  8. Ivana:

    Found both of them! Yay!

  9. alia:

    oh rats I was all excited to be first to get 34 and I see people have already got it… maybe next time. :(

  10. lisa:

    will one of the bloggers/mods explain to me if my entries are going through? i havent had a confirmation email in quite a few days and i for sure know i have been entering, the only one i didnt enter in for was 28

  11. Alicia:

    Alicia from MOO here…

    I just want to let you all know that from our end, all the confirmation e-mails are going out without a problem. If you haven’t received your confirmation e-mail, do check your spam filters, as we’re not seeing any glitches over here.

    Additionally, our photo upload tool on is also working, so if you’ve had any issues uploading images, please check that the image isn’t too big and make sure your connection is fast enough!

  12. Lloyda:

    okay so i found the eggs for today. i think i better go to sleep now. :) such a great game!

  13. katie:

    This morning I got mentioned on the blog, and then in the afternoon I found out I was first for egg 30! Today is a great day! :)

  14. Allyson:

    33 is damn hard!

  15. jen:

    This is so much fun! A good way to avoid work!
    Too bad I’m on Pacific time and all you fab UK folks are fast.

  16. darlene:

    egg 34′s website says: down for maintainence!!!!

  17. Jo:

    34 was a cinch, but 33 is killing me. Maybe I need a nap or something!

  18. lisa:

    please can i have a hint for 33?

  19. Rebecca Kidd:

    I finally got them. wicked awesome game!

  20. katie:

    Oh wait, I just checked my email, and I didn’t get anything saying I won egg 30. Was that a different Katie?

  21. Erik:

    I seem to be having the same problem as lisa. i have submitted several eggs that i haven’t received confirmation emails for. they are good for 24 hours from the time of posting right?

  22. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    Yeah, Egg 33 has me stumped too.

  23. Eoin:

    HEHE 33 is easy..its on the moo profile on a certain social network site :D

  24. Alex Rea:

    @katie: I’ve not received an email saying I’ve won either, so don’t lose hope yet!

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