Tuesday Afternoon – Finding eggs outdoors and two more clues

11th March 2008 by Alicia

Good afternoon.

As well as all the entries for finding online eggs, we’re also starting to see lots more entries come in for eggs found in our products and in the ‘Great Outdoors’. I thought it might be nice to share some of these photos with you. (Not of our products, nice as those are you’ve seen those on the MOO site already!)

Here are a couple of photos from different corners of the world;

Jo Eaton, finding an Egg in New Zealand

Paul Beech, finding one of the Eggs hidden in London.

Carlos, finding an Egg in Barcelona.

So there you have it. Our eggs really have travelled all over, and you’ve been hot on their heels. So well done if you’ve managed to track down one of these tear-aways already, and there’s still time to go on the hunt if you haven’t…

Now it’s time to turn to this afternoon’s two clues…

Clue for Egg Twenty-Nine
Our egg is security minded,
So suggests, before we are parted,
That you ensure you’ve properly left
And remove the temptation for theft
From the next person to sit and browse
Lest with your card they go and carouse.

Hint #1: Do you login when you stop by the site?

Clue for Egg Thirty
Our egg carries gear in the sharpest of packs,
Slung o’er his shoulder, or hung from his back.

City-Born and plenty Street-Tough
Our egg’s filled with Tao, he’s got the right stuff.

Searching for value, stitch-by-stitch,
Will, most certainly, your life enrich.

Hint #1: Whereabouts could this Egg be?


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Twenty-Five, Twenty-Six and Twenty-Seven – the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Twenty-Five: Alex Rea, at 17.03
Hint #1: Hm… certainly sounds like a social spot, doesn’t it?
Hint #2: Liber is a botanical term. I wonder what could be made of liber?
Hint #3: Something containing paper, perhaps? Like… a book?
Still stuck? We’d hidden this little egg on on the MOO Facebook Group!.

Egg Twenty-Six: Morgan Levy, at 18.01
Hint #1: What prize giver’s name does this poem describe?
Hint #2: What sort of weeds can be used to make a summer wine?
Hint #3: The clue to the page you need is in the third stanza.
Still stuck? The link was hidden on Picnik’s welcome page

Egg Twenty-Seven: Noirin Shirley, at 17.03
Hint #1: There we go talking about partners again! Better check the prize list.
Hint #2: Which prize could be considered literary?
Hint #3: Now which keywords should you search for on their blog?
Still stuck? We’d hidden this little egg on on Blurb’s Blog!.

Comments (26)

  1. Zachary:

    Found both!

  2. Doomz:

    Yay for 29! I got that as quickly as I could :S!

  3. Zachary:

    Hmm, actually, I may have found 28 instead of 29. I’m not really sure as it seems that both clues could apply to the egg I found. We’ll see… :-)

  4. ollka:

    found them both, though not as quickly as i thought, it seems:)

  5. ollka:

    And by the way, could Adblock be blocking some of the eggs? Because I spent a lot of time today both on the Facebook group page and on the Picnik page, and no sign of Mexican wrestlers:((

  6. Zachary:

    Yeah, I had to enlist my brother to help me find these. I got them at 17:07 and 17:09 :-/

  7. jen:

    no fair on the facebook one since I don’t have an account!
    Plus the link for picnik does show the egg! oh well I got #30

  8. Morgan:

    I can’t figure out the difference between 28 and 29 either. I submitted it both times to be safe. And found 30, but apparently Zachary sits there refreshing the page for the afternoon hints ;)

  9. Jayesh:

    Found Both! They were quite easy! I had found 29 before the clue was postd..but i dont think theyll count it as i did it before the clue was given!

  10. Roxy:

    Could anyone please tell me where the Picnik egg was? I knew it was there but still can

  11. Alicia:


    The thing with the Picnik egg, is I think you need to be signed in to see that particular egg!

  12. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    Hmmm. I think I found Egg 29 thinking it was Egg 28.

  13. Zachary:

    Ahhh, I missed the Picnik egg too. I searched all over the site, but couldn’t find it. Oh, well.

    @Morgan I open Firefox about five minutes before the clues go love and set the tab with the blog to auto-refresh every 5 or 10 seconds. Then I get two or three egg hunt tabs with my info open as well. Then I just sit back and wait for the clues to show up. Notice, however, that I’ve still only won one time, and I had a fair idea of where the egg was going to be ahead of time. :-)

  14. Sophia:

    Just a note: eggs 28 and 29 are different, as are the codes. Hope that helps!

    Oh, and I got my first 3 eggs!

  15. katie:

    MOO, if the egg we found that we thought was for 28 really was for 29, what should we do?

    And @Sophia, how could you tell?

  16. lisa:

    ok seriously been all over a certain partner site that has all the clue words in its about page and have found no egg…..im a little frustrated…help??


  17. lisa:

    also, i haven’t been getting confirmation emails about any of the egg codes i submit, and i know they are the right ones….is it going through??

  18. Kerces:

    I figured out the Picnik egg was on their site but couldn’t find it at all.

    I’m confused by the difference between 28 and 29 also — but can only find one of them anyway.

  19. Alicia:


    Alicia of the MOO Crew here. Just a couple of helpful comments…

    1. All the live eggs are in their proper place and waiting to be found
    2. Eggs 28 & 29, whilst similar are different and carry different codes
    3. It doesn’t matter which code you enter for which egg. As long as you enter an egg code whilst the egg is still live, your entry will be counted.

    Thank you and good luck!

  20. Ramie:

    *answers a few questions based on experience*

    The picnik code didn’t require you to be logged in, I do have an account but wasn’t logged in and found it.

    Adblock = I haven’t had it block any that I know of so far. Except for a few tricky eggs, I’ve found all find even with Adblock running.

    I too think I found 29 thinking it was 28, oops!

  21. AmyLynn Field:

    if you find a code but didn’t find it by reading clues, can I still enter it? (I assumed I could and did anyways) just wondering. :)

  22. katie:

    I have found 2 of today’s 3 clues! I just don’t know which two they are! I hope we get some sort of hint. At least I know I’m not alone. :)

    MOO, you guys are so awesome! This egg hunt is just the best thing ever. Thank you guys!

  23. lloyda:

    eeek. me too. i think i found egg 29 thinking it was #28. so where oh where are you #28?!?

  24. yvonne Parsons:

    canm anyone help i have not found one

  25. Noirin:

    I haven’t heard anything about a prize for 27 – please little Moo, send me something sweet? ;-)

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