It’s Friday! And time for more Egg Hunt clues.

7th March 2008 by Alicia

Welcome to the last day of the first week of MOO’s Egg Hunt. Hopefully you’ve had a great week of thinking, browsing, collaborating and avoiding work, lectures, chores, deadlines and even your own mother, to try to figure out where our little eggs are hiding. I must say, you’ve done us proud.

Seeing as it’s Friday, and we’re feeling chirpy, we’re also going to help you out with a couple of hints for yesterday afternoon’s clues, so check back in the last post for a bit of help if you want it.

As well as the ‘Great Outdoors’ Hunt starting bright and early tomorrow morning, remember that you can also find more eggs hidden in MOO products that we’re sending out over the next week. Some of you have already found some sneaky eggs, hitching a ride in the mail, and you’ll get your prizes very soon. But there’s still time to place orders now, and be in with a chance to get some more eggs delivered direct to your door.

Here are two more clues for you…

Clue for Egg Nineteen
The Scooby Gang could never dream
Of meeting a designer like the ones we’ve seen.

One in particular, our little Egg admires
And with her bunnies, he always conspires.

While her art makes our hearts gladder,
We do wish her name were a little quieder.


Clue for Egg Twenty
Cory Doctorow blogs with the very best.
In one of his old posts, our egg makes his nest.
It’s a spring-time post from a year gone by
With a funnycar race on a holiday Sunday


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Fifteen and Sixteen – the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Fifteen: Rosemarie Hughes-Croucher, at 11.15
Hint #1: You’re looking for a two word link that’s on every page of our site.
Hint #2: The words are, for all intents and purposes, synonyms.
Hint #3: They’re also separated by an ampersand!
Still stuck? The egg appeared 30 seconds after your mouse hovered over the ‘Terms and Conditions’ link, at the bottom of every page!

Egg Sixteen: Karen Kasonic, at 17.47
Hint #1: Obviously, the blog here isn’t the important bit.
Hint #2: You may need to poke about for the username ‘moocards’.
Hint #3: There are some good pointers on the second and third line of the poem.
Still stuck? The link was hidden in the MOO LiveJournal scrapbook!

Comments (18)

  1. Zachary:

    Found both! :-)

  2. elly parker:

    Found and found – these were easier today!

  3. Anni:

    Thanks for this week, MOO. This has been so much fun! Look forward to next week.

  4. Andy Piper:

    Oooh, I tried that for egg 15 yesterday and it didn’t work! And it does today. Darn.

    Well I found egg 20, anyway. Still hunting for 19.

  5. Andy Piper:

    OK I got 19 but the code wasn’t too readable so I entered both possible readings… and then I noticed that for the eggs where you asked for the website address, I might have accimidentally copied the http:// bit into the box (I was cut-and-pasting from the address bar) but that was already pre-pended outside the box! Will my entries still work?

  6. Roxy:

    Wow, 19 was pretty easy. The first one I really found ;-)

  7. Roxy:

    Yeah, got 20 too!!!

  8. Punky:

    Got both! :D
    Gee… #17 was really really tricky…

  9. natalie:

    i found 20!!! woo hoo. thanks for this! it is really so much fun!

  10. Jo:

    Yay, got both! But yesterday I checked the LJ scrapbook, and the egg definitely wasn’t there when I was looking. Maybe there was a delay somewhere? Oh well, too late :)

  11. Rosemarie:

    OMG! I won! I’m so happy that I actually get something for doing this!

  12. Lloyda:

    i don’t really get #19. it’s quite hard if english isn’t your 1st language.

  13. Heather:

    I found both of these :D

  14. ollka:

    Oh. The #16 I had found so early on was not this #16. Must have been an unreleased egg or something. Well – must get cracking those new clues!

  15. lisa:

    can i get a hint on 19 please?

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