Thursday Afternoon’s clues and more Egg Hunt winners!

6th March 2008 by Alicia

Good afternoon, and Good morning to those of you just waking up around the world. Hopefully, wherever you are, you all have a nice cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits in hand, as you prepare to tackle these next clues.

Seeing as you are all doing so well with the clues leading you to eggs hidden online, you might want to take the further challenge of venturing into the ‘Great Outdoors’ over the weekend, to find eggs hidden in various cities around the world. So make sure you have some comfy walking shoes, a working digital camera/phone and a sense of adventure. We’ll be announcing where we’ve hidden eggs tomorrow, so look out for that.

It’s also worth reminding you that there’s still time to buy Greeting Cards at our special sale price of $19.99, using the promocode 6JRVB3 on the payment page. The offer lasts until the end of March, so make sure you’re well prepared for Easter.

And now, for the clues…

Clue for Egg Seventeen
There once was an egg who loved travel,
But with organization he hated to grapple
So he bought a nice pack
Made of hemp, gray and black.
And to our partners, he’s forever grateful!

Hint #1: Try contacting someone for help


Clue for Egg Eighteen
She’s incomparable, the voice of Moo
and she does far more than blog for you!
She’s created cities, formed corps of rabbits,
she even founded b3ta, among other fun habits.

She’s got no deficit of style, no matter what you’ve heard,
And on her home page, a wrestling egg has loitered.

Hint #1: Who? Who?! Who could we be talking about?!


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Twelve, Thirteen and Fourteen – the Egg Cracking heroes (who all found their eggs in 2 minutes from the time the clues were posted) are:

Egg Twelve: Peter Chu, at 17.31
Hint #1: Do you really have no idea what to do?
Hint #2: Seriously? No ideas at all?
Hint #3: Perhaps you should visit the Ideas page?
Still stuck? The Egg was revealed after rolling over the title on one of MOO’s ideas pages!

Egg Thirteen: Paul Beech (again!), at 17.31
Hint #1: Now where would people go to become our fans?
Hint #2: Social nest? I wonder if we mean social network site?
Hint #3: Wait a minute! What are those two bold words (that aren’t ‘fans’) in the clue?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden in MOO’s image gallery on our Facebook fan page!

Egg Fourteen: Katie Willingham, at 17.31
Hint #1: You’re looking for a particular Moo designer.
Hint #2: His name and web site is hinted at in the poem.
Hint #3: You’ll need to visit the designer’s site!
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on MOO designer Neil McFarland‘s site!

Comments (32)

  1. Melissa:

    Found #18!

  2. Jess:

    wooo, got 18!

  3. Zachary:

    Got 18. I know what site to look on for 17, but don’t know exactly where to look…

  4. Soo Yin:

    got 18, know which website is 17 located but can’t find it…sigh…

  5. Jayesh:

    any hints for 18? –

  6. Karen:

    Found 17!
    18 is making me crazy.

  7. Nick:

    yay got 18!!

  8. Mathieu:

    I found the 17th! Wooow! I don’t know if I’m the first one though.

  9. Nick:

    wooo chalk up #17 as well!!!

  10. Jayesh:

    k got 18!

  11. MarTeeny:

    I got 18 but it looks like I was just a moment too late.

    I know where 17 is but even though I’ve combed out several possibilities of where it lies in that area its just not there. I m wondering if there is perhaps a glitch? Otherwise they’ve gotten more cleaver with their techniques and Im just not able to get the little guy to show himself.

  12. Aoibh:

    I found eighteen but I don’t know if i’m the first? :(

  13. Tina:

    found #18 too, but I’m going crazy over 17..

  14. sofia:

    found 17!!!

  15. Alicia:

    Just to let you all know that both eggs are nesting happily in their hiding spots waiting for everyone to come find them. Enjoy the hunt!

  16. Tina:

    Seems as if I found the wrong egg for #12, hah. And I think it’s very possible I found the wrong egg for #17 as well..

  17. SR:

    17 is driving me nuts!

  18. Deb:

    So does the egg become unclickable once its found? I found 17 pretty quickly and it had a clickable link to the form, but when I found 18 it was not clickable….

  19. Heather:

    I found 18, but 17 is stumping me, I know the site but the egg I can’t find!

  20. laura:

    found #17, but where’s the egg? or did I miss a step and not do something correctly?

  21. Zachary:

    A hint for 17 anyone?

  22. Anna Staggs:

    woo i finally got 18

  23. ginny:

    I vote hints on these! my gosh I can’t believe I’ve been stumped for nearly 7 hours. :/

  24. jennifer:

    17 is killing me. I have done everything short of buying every hemp, black & gray bag to see if it is on the final check out page! Someone save my sanity!!!

  25. Anna Staggs:

    ARGH im pulling my hair out over #17 help please i have an exam tomorrow afternoon and im gonna go crazy …lol

  26. katie:

    I feel like there are partners of Moo that aren’t listed anywhere, and you’re just supposed to know somehow. Is this true? Because I’ve looked everywhere I know there is a Moo connection, but to no avail. Is there somewhere I don’t know about that tells all the Moo partnerships?

  27. ivana:

    i’m sure i’ve found #18 but somehow i cant find the egg! :(

  28. lloy:

    oh please give a hint for #17… i’m stuck

  29. Ramie:

    Egg #17 is rather mean :P Anyone who didn’t have Carpal Tunnel probably has it now if, like me, they searched every bag. Sneaky.

  30. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    I just found Egg 17. That must have been the only link I *didn’t* click all day.

  31. Zachary:

    Argh! Just found 17…that was mean. :-P

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