Day Four – Egg Hunt picks up the pace

6th March 2008 by Alicia

Good morning. I’m Alicia (you may have seen me popping up now and again) and whilst Denise is jetting across the Atlantic to go to SXSW I’m going to help *shell* out the clues.

We’ve been so impressed with everyone’s clue-cracking skills that we don’t think we need to offer any hints this morning. In fact, perhaps we need to make the clues a bit harder, just so you don’t get too complacent!?

I must admit that I am a little jealous of you all. I love solving cryptic clues and puzzles and this Egg Hunt seems to be a lot of fun for everyone taking part. The *eggspectation* of each new clue, the *eggcitement* at finding a hidden egg and then the *eggcellent* prizes to boot. But Little MOO seems to have eyes in the back of his head, so no hunting for us MOO Crew-sters. :-( Ah well, the fact that we can’t play doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t, so on to the next round of clues…

Clue for Egg Fifteen
To find the next egg, just heed our input.
You needn’t go far to see what’s afoot.
Two words you must find, to quench your egg thirst,
Endearment and Surrender are the clues to my first.
Take the first to a reference book to suss out my next.
(A thesaurus, we mean, if that left you too vexed).

Then a very still mouse (now don’t go a-clicking)
Is all that is needed, while the clock is a-ticking.
Hovering there, while you count to thirty,
Will summon the egg, now isn’t he purty?!


Clue for Egg Sixteen
We blog here, and we blog there.
Our lives our full of blogging.
If you kept a journal of our blogs,
We bet you’d find it shocking!


And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Ten and Eleven – the Egg Cracking heroes (both second time ‘first-finder’ winners!) are:

Egg Ten: Paul Beech, at 11.20
Hint #1: The egg is on our site.
Hint #2: But it isn’t on any of our actual pages!
Hint #3: Try typing gibberish for a product page in the address bar.
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on MOO’s 404 page!

Egg Eleven: Fran Tapia, at 11.28
Hint #1: We think you should know what to do with italicized verbs by now!
Hint #2: The first result isn’t the site you’re looking for.
Hint #3: I wonder if the mention of a ‘partner’ is important?
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on Ponoko’s blog!

Comments (25)

  1. Rosemarie:

    Found 15! This is so much fun…but as soon as the clues come out, my life gets put on hold!

  2. ksklein:

    :( too difficult for Germans! :(

  3. ollka:

    Got sixteen! WOOO!

  4. Zachary:

    These have me stumped…

  5. Anna Fruen:

    15 is VERY cryptic! I could do with a hint for 16, I know where it is but not specifically.

  6. Fran:

    Found 15, but 16 is proving a little bit more difficult to locate…

  7. Anni:

    Yes! – found fifteen.

  8. Steven Mc Kenna:

    Egg 15 found!!

    Anyone who gets stuck looking for it, think of the name of a film that has the first word in line 4 in it!!

  9. lisa:

    ah i found fifteen the other day before it went live and yea! i did one pretty fast for me. im sure someone else beat me, but this is quick for me!

    now to tackle 16

  10. ollka:

    O_o could it be i was actually first at something? that would be the first time in my life. surely, this is not true.

  11. Beth:

    Grrrr! I think I know where they both are but can’t find them!!!!

  12. Lloyda:

    working on #16… hints please?!?

  13. sofia:

    oh,i have so much fun,although i am only good with the easy ones. hard for Greek people like me to understand the meaning sometimes.but i have lot of fun..

    16 was under my nose!
    good luck to all of us!

  14. Alicia:


    Alicia from MOO here.

    Just to let you all know that egg 16 needed a bit of coaxing out today, so that’s why you may not have found him yet. It’s worth taking another thorough look for him now, as he’s waiting to be found…

  15. Karen:

    For those looking for #16– go back and look where you might have earlier. The first place I looked didn’t have it. . . but I went back a few hours later and there’s an egg!

  16. Nick:

    no wonder why the little bugger was so hard to find the first time around. had him the first time, he just wouldn’t show up!

  17. erin power:

    alicia, thank goodness i came back and found your comment… i thought i was going batty. found 16 now. FINALLY!

    pesky #17 is doing the same to me now. it’s not where it should be!

  18. ginny:

    16 is still giving me trouble. I’ve gone to the place I thought it would be at a couple times and cruised around. I still can’t find it. 17 is also being a jerky egg.

  19. Heather:

    I found 15, anyone wanna help on 16, I think I know where it is, but well I have no clue EXACTLY where it might be.

  20. Karen:

    Heather, my hint to you would be:
    you create these for your job

  21. Joe:

    I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that I wasn’t the first to find #15.

  22. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    And I’m pretty sure I just found Egg 16 after looking all day. Not sure how I missed that before.

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