Day three: more clues for the Egg Hunt!

5th March 2008 by Denise

Good morning! It’s day three of MOO’s Egg Hunt, and you continue to amaze us with your Egg Hunting skills. It seems that some of you found Corvus’ tips from yesterday to be good ones, and have solved the problems while having dinner or thinking about something else entirely. Some of you are worrying us slightly by neglecting work of all kinds just to find the Eggs – we’re happy you’re all having fun – but please don’t get the sack!

Some of you are also stumbling across Eggs in hiding before the clues come out. For technical reasons we had to put some live already – but they’re not valid as codes until that clue has been released. If you stumble across one, and you don’t think the current clues are related to it, please note down the url and the code, and wait for the clue to be released, before you tell us where you found it. Sorry to make it a bit more complicated, but there are so many Eggs, it was the simplest way for us to manage this – whilst also getting on with our work and getting your cards printed!

These are the first clues of the day:

Clue for Egg Ten
The address was typed in all wrong,
So you’re singing the 404 song.
But you needn’t get mad,
There’s an egg to be had,
And it just doesn’t take very long!


Clue for Egg Eleven
Please forgive our bluntness,
But we’d like to get a little serious.
Mass manufacturing must halt,
Give way to a healthier gestalt.

For we live in a world that’s green,
But it’s dying, you know what we mean.
Do you want to be a superstar?
Then search for answers both near and far.

Our partners and designers took note,
And offer a glimmer of hope.
Personal manufacture can assist,
If your support we can enlist.

Hint #1: I wonder if the mention of a ‘partner’ is important?

And finally, the hints, locations and resting places of Eggs Six and Seven – the Egg Cracking heroes are:

Egg Six: Erin Power, at 20.17
Hint #1: You’ll need to be on a specific page on our site.
Hint #2: We’re watching what you type.
Hint #3: What’s the French word for rabbit?
Still stuck? Typing the word ‘Lapin’ on the MOO homepage made the egg appear! (Please note, you could just type anywhere on the page to make it appear – you don’t have to be in a specific box. If you’re in Firefox, you’ll need to turn quicksearch off!)

Egg Seven: Rachel Tomlinson, at 11:15
Hint #1: Those bold words aren’t search terms this time!
Hint #2: They’re links on one of our partner’s site.
Hint #3: The partner’s name is spelled out in the poem!
Still stuck? The Egg was hidden on Etsy!

Comments (37)

  1. Rachel:

    Yay! I was hoping I had won :) Finally my Etsy addiction has paid off!

  2. Zachary:

    Hmm, I think I found number 10 yesterday whilst searching for number 8. Oh, well, I resubmitted it. :-)

  3. Zachary:

    A quick question: if I submitted a unhatched egg code yesterday, then resubmitted it today, does that count as two of my five entries?

  4. Jo Carter:

    I found #10 :)

  5. Parker:

    Was I the only one that thought the egg for #10 was the egg for #6 yesterday? I plugged the code in again after this latest post though it’s been up for a long time so I’m not sure what it’s for now. I quit! (for now)

  6. elly parker:

    Eggs 10 & 11 found and found – they were easy!

  7. Beth:

    YAY!!! Found 10 straight away! Go me!

  8. Morten Fangel:

    Found both this time. Couldn’t find most of the other though. Only at 4 so far..

  9. paw:

    Found 9 yayyy and didn’t miss much in the lecture yesterday either :]

    Will we be able to buy moo cards after the event featuring the eggs saying something?

    They are so cute! and Mexican!

  10. paw:

    Oh bum I meant 10 sorry :|

  11. Jayesh:

    found 10! Was quite easy .. Now for 11…

  12. Heather:

    These were easy thanks for getting my hopes back up!

  13. Anna Fruen:

    Ten was easy, still picking away at 11…

  14. Jayesh:

    Found 11! yeyyy

  15. Anna Fruen:

    Found 11! I think I’m getting the hang of this :)

  16. Jakob:

    Both were surprisingly easy this time around; though I’m still bitter about #4…

  17. Soo Yin:

    Oh darn…I found egg 10 yesterday and thought it was egg 6! =(

  18. Mavis:

    I also thought Clue 10′s Egg was Clue 6. I can’t get my browser to do anything after typing in “lapin”.

    Missed being first yet again!! :(

    Will wait for the next round of eggs!

  19. Alicia:


    Alicia from MOO here. Just to let you all know that it’s alright if you enter an egg before it hatches. We won’t count your egg unless it’s a valid entry. And you can enter as many eggs as you find, but you’ll only be able to win up to 5 prizes. So no need to panic if you’re going egg-crazy!

  20. Andy Piper:

    Well I finally found one – egg 10. Tried egg 11 all kinds of places and ways and failed so far, so I guess I’ll wait for the clues and solution to see why I’m so hopeless :-(

    Having fun though… :-)

  21. jmb:

    Bah. Found #10 yesterday and thought it wouldn’t be clued-in for a while, and missed today’s start.

    Maybe I should get these forwarded to my phone? :)

  22. Morgan:

    Got them both… and found another really weird egg on a page I’m guessing it’s not supposed to be?

  23. tusen:

    These two were easy, but I’m oh, so slow :) It’s fun, anyway.

  24. Jennic:

    I GIVE UP. I Surrender with a big S.

  25. Kuro:

    Thank goodness for the ease of these…I was feeling like such a dope over 8&9.

  26. Fatima:

    YAYYYYYY found egg 11

  27. Paul Beech:

    I really cannot believe how badly I over-thought for #11 :S

    Monkey see, monkey do *ook*

  28. lisa:

    i desire a small hint for 11, ive got a general idea but have it narrowed down to three different places….id like to narrow it down further :)

  29. Jayesh:

    When are more Hints going to be given by Moo??!!

  30. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    I’m beginning to feel like an idiot because I can’t quit get it.

    I know where and what to do for 8, but not the right word. For 9, I think I’m in the right spot, but the numbers have me stupid. 10 was easy, but for 11, again I feel really close without quite getting it. Grrrr.

  31. Alicia:

    (shhhh – there might now be a hint by the clue for Egg 11!)

  32. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    Ha! I left a tab open on a search and when I came back, there was Egg 11! It doesn’t really fit with the hint, but I’m sure it has to be the same egg!

  33. Ivana:

    yeah.. me too. i found #10 and thought it was 6 :(

    still working on 11 now. it’s been a fun hunt! :)

  34. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    Woot! I just found Egg 11! I don’t know what I found earlier.

  35. lisa:

    grr 11 is driving me nuts and we dont have much time left!

  36. Ali:

    I’ve been doing fairly well, yet I’m stuck on 11. Hmm

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