It’s time for day two’s afternoon clues!

4th March 2008 by Denise

Here we go with the next clues for MOO’s Egg Hunt! I have to admit, we are really impressed with how fast some of you are getting these. You seem to be racing through them – even the people who aren’t getting every last bit of the clues are doing ridiculously well.

If you haven’t got every Egg so far, please don’t worry – there are loads more clues and loads more prizes. If you can’t answer these, the chances are there will be another clue along soon, to light up that magic bulb inside your clue-solving brain.

One of our fantastic behind-the-Egg-scenes crew, Alicia, said to mention that we can only accept the Egg-Codes for Eggs that are live right now. So, if you stumble across an Egg somewhere which hasn’t had it’s clue released, it’s not valid. You have to wait for the clue to be given -lucky guesses don’t count! (And aside from anything else, you’ll wear Alicia out, and she’s a bit too useful to get rid of just yet!)

Here’s this afternoons clues:

Clue for Egg Eight
If your eggs are not boiled, but simmered.
And you’ve stolen a pheasant for dinner.

Now find a card to send to your friends
As an invite so your party they may attend

Then simply type in the apropos verb
And the egg will appear, most superb!

Hint #1: Which of our products would you send as an invite?


Clue for Egg Nine
The beat poets were ver’ fond of rhythm
But but made rhyme schemes
dependant on nothin’
Free rap of a sort
with a mashable tack
The metaphors were acrylic
an’ quite monolithic
So we’re always searching for the
five, five and two

Hint #1: One of our contest partners is on the ‘make’.

And finally, the winners of Eggs Three, Four and Five! We

Comments (27)

  1. Zachary:

    Woo! Got number 9!

  2. Zachary:

    Oops, I mean number 8. *is a little excited* :-)

  3. Denise:

    @zachary – that was quick! Cripes, no wonder you were excited.

  4. Anna Fruen:

    I can’t quite work this out, hahah… I know the word and the product for egg 8, but I’m no closer to finding it!

  5. Soo Yin:

    I can figure out the word in #8, I just can’t figure out where to type it!

  6. kate:

    argh, i’ve nearly got 9, i think, maybe? but i can’t seem to fully get it!
    (this is totally NOT the spring cleaning i promised my husband i’d do today)

  7. Paul Beech:

    Got 9. I think 8 may have appeared and be toying with me :P

  8. Veronica:

    i think i found a clue that hasn’t gone live, but then again, i can’t be sure. will i be told? on my search for #6, one popped up, but now it’s gone. help?

    just want to know because that was my 5th entry.

  9. Anna Fruen:

    Don’t even know where to START with 9…

  10. Adam:

    my skype is adamsever i think its somthing to do with search moo there

  11. Carrie:

    These are tough, I think we need a clue.

  12. Jakob:

    Found 9, but the code I found for #4 isn’t the same as the one it source code.

  13. jmb:

    So, am I right in thinking that you could only get egg#3 if you were subscribed to the newsletter *before* the competition started?

    It was my first thought and I immediately signed up for it, but I guess only the next newsletter will come to me…

  14. lisa:

    ok so i found an egg id hadnt found yet but i have no idea which one it is :)

  15. Mary:

    @ Veronica

    Ditto. I am not 100% sure that the egg I found was live yet or not. Why can’t they just schedule them for a certain time so that we can’t stumble upon ones that aren’t yet active?

  16. Ivana:

    Yeah, me too. I can’t be sure if the one that I found matches the clues that are live currently.

  17. Parker:

    #4, I scoured the source code but never found anything. And for #6 I know the egg didn’t pop up until the second time I got to the page. Also, the newsletter never came to me either because I signed up for it yesterday. Which means I definitely wasted at least a couple hours looking for these particular eggs.

  18. Nick:

    I think I’ve stumbled upon two eggs that havent gone live yet. I was sure one was #4, but that turned out way wrong.

    The other I think is #6, but it’s appeared in two different areas.

    So I apologize to Alicia and Little MOO if I overwhelm them with uncracked eggs.

  19. Karen:

    9 is driving me crazy. i have spent hours trying to figure it out! please give us a hint????

  20. MarTeeny:

    I think I know what they want for 8 but apparently I’m not going to the right place for it. Oh well.

    When / how do we get the hints?

  21. amy:

    i cannot find #9 to save my life. CLUE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE….not sure if i found the correct one for 8 but i did find one.

  22. Anna Fruen:

    Adam: quite possibly, I was chasing up the “acrylic pendant” idea… might be barking up completely the wrong tree! I feel quite outclassed here!

  23. Denise:

    @ Anna Fruen – I don’t *think* you are wrong…

    And everyone else _ i’ve added a hint for each clue above.

    Sorry if people are stumbling across odd eggs, that’s very frustrating. For technical reasons, we had to hide some eggs early. If you think you have found one too early, try and reverse engineer the clue – is it likely it’s the right egg you found? If not – keep a note of where you found it and the code, and enter it as soon as a likely clue comes up.

  24. Nick:

    yay the clue for #9 put me back on the right track and I found it!

    now to crack #8 . . .

  25. Christy:

    #9 FOUND!

  26. jmb:

    Don’t you just love AJAX? :)

  27. Kuro:

    I feel like such an idiot because I can’t figure these two out. I know where to put the word for 8, but not which word…I’ve tried every one I can think of.

    And I haven’t a clue on #9…even with the clue. >

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