Day two – more eggs, more clues! (And two winners!)

4th March 2008 by Denise

Here are the next two clues, hidden as part of the MOO Egg Hunt. Yesterday was the first day – and what a day! We’ve had lots of entries, and much scratching of heads as you all started to figure stuff out.

We did have a small problem with the elusive Clue Number Five, which got eaten temporarily by the internets. We’re really sorry about that, but pleased to report it’s back now. Some people found Clue Four tricky, so we’ve added a hint for this and Clue five, to help you find them before the 24 hours are up.

A few people have asked if these Eggs are online or in the Great Outdoors. The Great Outdoors Hunt doesn’t start until 12.01am on Saturday morning, so all these clues will lead you to online locations – on MOO, or even on other sites. (Make sure you use the ‘online’ dropdown when you enter your egg location).

Other people have asked if they can enter more than five times. The answer to this is yes you can – if you find an Egg for every clue you are more than welcome to enter – but we will only be able to award a maximum of five prizes. Don’t forget to check out the FAQs and T&Cs, if you need further info.

The first clues for today are:

Clue for Egg Six
There once was a bunny from Burgundy
Who felt right at home on Moo, you see.
If you just type his name,
The egg becomes plain.
And you can take home the prize most cheekily!


Clue for Egg Seven
Eggstra crafty co-op
Teams make compelling
Storefronts simple. They even give
You resources so promotion can be easy.


We’d also like to offer you some top tips, from Corvus, our very own clue-writer extraordinare. He says:

Heyo folks, here are nine tips and tricks I use to help me solve even the most pernicious of riddles!

1) Relax and drink a nice soothing cup of tea.
2) Let your mind wander a bit.
3) Read the poem.
4) Go do something else for half an hour.
5) Have a Thesaurus handy (there are plenty of online ones you can use).
6) Reread the poem.
7) Free associate–let your mind make parallels between the clues and sites you know of on the internet.
8) Take overly flowery descriptive phrases like “wintry coat” and figure out what they might mean.
9) Then use the Thesaurus look up every word that jumps out at you as odd or out of context.

…and a bonus tip!

10) If you’re starting to over-think things take a short break and focus on something else. Your brains are remarkable tools for linking seemingly disparate pieces of information… particularly when you don’t try to force them!


And last, but certainly not least, yesterday’s winners! We’ve also given you all the hints we have as to how to find the egg, and the place where it was found.

The first two Egg Cracking Heroes are:

Egg One: Fran Tapia, at 11:19am
Hint #1: Do you know how to play this game?
Hint #2: Where did you learn about it?
Hint #3: Be sure to read the contest FAQ!
Still stuck? The Egg was right here!

Egg Two: Elly Parker, at 11.20am
Hint #1: Which if these words is not like the others?
Hint #2: Verb emphasis is so important.
Hint #3: Google is your friend!
Still stuck? The Egg was right here!

So a huge congratulations to both Fran and Elly, and we’ll be in touch soon to tell you how to claim your prize. We’ll also be choosing 9 other winners for each egg found, and you’ll also be contacted in the next few days.

To everyone else – Happy hunting!

Comments (33)

  1. Fran:

    Found number 7!!!! Now off to sleep – number 4 gave me a headache and I still can’t find it… happy hunting to all!

  2. Zelda:

    Found seven I think….

  3. paw:

    I’m sure I have the Bunny’s name but I don’t know where to type it!

    What a wonderful way to kill time in between lectures though!

  4. alia:

    Bleh, nothing yet… Gonna go eat breakfast and try again.

  5. Denise:

    @Fran – wow! You are *good* :)

  6. paw:

    This is blatantly going to make me miss my lecture at one – can’t go until I find it or I’ll explode or something!

    Does anyone fancy teaming up?

    My e-mail add is paw2086 at :]

  7. Parker:

    Hope I beat you to it Fran ; )
    Still wondering about 6..totally gave up on four.

  8. Yin:

    For 3-6, I know what each one’s talking about, but still can’t seem to get it right! This is driving me crazy.

  9. Mavis:

    Wow, getting tougher & tougher!! I can’t get any of them this time round :(

  10. Beth:

    *is feeling dull again*

    I got told off before lunch for not doing any work because I was egg hunting. There were no comments before I went BOO!

    However, my boss has gone out now so my hunt will continue!

  11. James:

    Number 6 officially taken! :-)

  12. Zachary:

    I’m totally stumped on #6 as well… Bunny from Burgundy, what the heck? Ah, well, it’s fun anyway. Kudos to the Moo Crew for coming up with an awesome contest!

  13. Tina Bryntesen:

    The ones i’ve got so far is 1,4,5,7. Number 4 was hard until I got the hint. Also for number 5 I had to use the hint. One and 7 came pretty easily for me. But I’m twisting my head over the rest. I guess for me it boils down to luck, hah.

  14. Denise:

    @Beth – oh no! Please don’t get the sack on our account! (Little MOO would have a nervous breakdown with the guilt, and we don’t want that!)

    @James – 6 is good isn’t it! Well done.

  15. Mavis:

    arggghhh! my friend helped me with both clues. genius!!! staring at us right in the face!!! (clue 6)

  16. Beth:

    Don’t worry Denise, as long as I supply him with coffee my boss will be fine.

    I found 7 and feel like a fool for not thinking of it sooner! Grrr. No idea about that bunny.

  17. Soo Yin:

    Yay…got both! Thinking about it over dinner helps…hahah…=)

  18. Denise:

    @Mavis – I’ve been watching people here solve the clues and its fascinating. I can’t get them at all. When you *do* work it out, yes, it is all so obvious! I don’t think my brain works properly though :)

    @Beth – ok then… Just be careful, mmmkay?

    @Soo Yin – amazing!

  19. James:

    Affirmative ;-) BTW I think I included the http:// in the website address field. MOO won’t mind, right?

  20. Ehsan:

    Yay! i found egg#7 my first one :) now what does that #6 clue means ?

  21. Denise:

    (@ James – no, MOO wont mind)

  22. Mavis:

    While waiting for the next set of clues to appear, I guess I’ll keep on working on Clue #4!! :P

  23. Soo Yin:

    (@ Denise – this is seriously so fun…I’m still working on Clue #4 though…and I’m sure like you said, it’ll be so obvious once you’ve figured it out)

  24. Sam:

    Ugh, now I’m just angry. Okay, not really. But I was on #2′s page yesterday and did NOT see the egg. I wonder why… Well, at least I know I was going in the right direction. Now I am slightly encouraged. Only slightly, though, because I still seem to be so far behind the rest of you! :P

  25. lisa:

    i need help! :)

    gmail –

    i have only found 1,2,5


  26. Morgan:

    found them both!

  27. lisa:

    ok, number four is ridiculous…….

  28. Jessica:

    yay! I found 2 of them.. but how do you know what number they were you found? :/

  29. Ivana:

    i’m still wondering what is that bunny from Burgundy means…

  30. Christy:

    Found ‘em. I can rest easy now.

  31. lisa:

    a clue for six?

  32. Parker:

    Jeez I just got #6 after not thinking about it all day then randomly trying something I tried for other eggs.

    Hint: sometimes the words that invite interpretation shouldn’t be. I even thought ‘lapin’ (burgundy..france..french for bunny) was in some way involved. And Moo has proven to pull out all tricks (source code urls??) to get us dizzy like being spun on a tire swing (it’s still fun).

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