Next clues for the MOO Egg Hunt!

3rd March 2008 by Denise

These are the clues for the next three eggs, hidden as part of the MOO Egg Hunt. We’ll be posting up to 5 clues every day – each individual clue leading to a different egg. Two clues will be posted in the morning (GMT) and two in the afternoon (GMT).

To find the Eggs as part of the hunt, you need to figure out our cryptic clues. Each egg, hidden as part of our online hunt, will have a little code with it. When you find the egg, you’ll need to take a note of the code, and where you found it, and enter it into the form on the Egg Hunt page. For more information on how to play check out the T&Cs and the FAQs

Clue for Egg Three
This egg, you’ll find, has come to you,
In a flash, to share what’s in our store.
It’s all the MOOs that’s fit to print
And not one item more.


Clue for Egg Four
Go carefully a-calling for this egg,
But with words and not with your graphics.
You’ll find him in his springtime hat,
Hiding his MOOs with the most cryptic tactics.

HINT #1: What product do MOO offer that has ‘Text’ in the name?


Clue for Egg Five
1,000 Faces had this cat,
Tubular eggs had he but one.
You’ll search out the faces elsewhere,
And find the egg when the episode’s done.

HINT #1: You may need to search a popular social media site.
(Please note – we had a few problems with this working last night, but it is fixed now. If you *think* you got it, but then it wasn’t there – please try again. Huge apologies for the problem – it was beyond our control – which is very annoying).

Everyone at MOO has been so impressed with your Egg Hunting so far! We were sitting here, hints and tips at the ready, and lo and behold, no help was needed.

We’ll let you know the first to find today’s eggs in tomorrow morning’s blog post. If it wasn’t you – don’t worry, we’ll also be choosing 9 other prize winners from the correct entries at random, so there’s plenty of chances to win for every egg!

And if you are finding these clues hard, don’t fret. We’ve got a real mix of clues, and you can enter up to five times in the next 10 working days.

Happy hunting!

Comments (64)

  1. Anna Fruen:

    Ooh, MUCH trickier… I’ll get my thinking hat on :) I wish I had a thinking hat. That would be so ace.

  2. elly parker:

    Egg #3 found, but 4 & 5 are really tricky… I think I have the right idea, but doesn’t seem to be correct!

  3. Adam:

    please give some more hints.

  4. alia:

    These really are much harder! I’m still puzzling them out.

    I think I know what #3 is about but not how to find it…

  5. jmb:

    Hum.. when entering the egg code, should we put just the 5 letters in caps, or include the entire “eggXXXXX”? Does it matter?

  6. Denise:

    @jmb – if you could enter it as you see it, that would be perfect, so ‘eggXXXXX’
    (you’re quick, by the way!)

  7. Mavis:

    Egg 3 Located!

    Egg 4 is stumping me and Egg 5 is most felinely tantalising indeed! meorrw!

  8. lisa:

    i am so confused
    i found the first two but it took me awhile
    but these are driving me nuts
    i dont mind that im not first but i want to find them! :)

  9. Jennifer:

    I thought i knew where egg 5 would be…but I was wrong :(
    These are hard! ^^;

  10. Courtney:

    these are pretty hard…I think i have #5 figured out but we’ll see…good luck everyone!

  11. Holly Sisson:

    I guess I’m totally lame as I can’t figure any of these out (except for the first one), sigh. (I hope you’ll post the answers as to where the eggs were hiding once they have expired!)

  12. Sam:

    I suck. I have only found egg#1, the easy one. And I get clues #2 and #3. And I thought #4. But I can’t seem to track ‘em down. They can really be ANYWHERE online?

  13. Lisa:


    Yes, you are right. They can be ANYWHERE. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I couldn’t figure them out either.

  14. Anna Staggs:

    im stumped got eggs 1 and 2 but i am at a loss

  15. Lisa:

    Hi Everyone!
    Quick update from MOO HQ. Our Egg no. 5 has gone into hiding. That means he can’t be found just yet. So, in the meantime, work on finding 1, 2, 3 and 4.

    We’ll update you here when no. 5 is ready to be hatched. Don’t worry we’ll give you 24 hours to find him.

    Meanwhile. Good Luck!

  16. ksklein:

    wow. #3 and #4 no clue. I guess I know what #5 is about but somehow I just can

  17. Fatima:

    Eh i think im close to egg5 but notsure need a partner to work with on egghunt!! *_*~ is anyone anyone interested ?

    2+ Brains R better than 1- X0

  18. katherine Giesbrecht:

    LOVE # 5

  19. Nick:

    wheeeeee this is so fun!!!

    ive gotten #1, 2, and 3, and I’m trying to nail down #5

  20. Heather:

    Gosh these are hard! 1 and 2 were not that bad! But wow these are hard!

  21. Brady Kent:

    Yes!!! I got 5!!! Can’t figure 3 or 4 though…

  22. jmb:

    Lisa: aha, thanks! I had a feeling that #5 might have gone to ground. Maybe some special websites and tools are called for…

  23. Lisa:

    Whoohoo! Egg no 5 is definitely live and out of hiding. Thanks for waiting.

    Also, don’t worry we will provide a few more clues if eggs ares still not found. In the meantime, team up as Fatima suggests.

  24. Brady Kent:

    has anybody gotten 4 yet?

  25. Fatima:

    Thanks Lisa!

  26. Heather:

    Yay! I’ve found eggs 1,2, and 5. Can’t figure out eggs 3 or 4 though….

  27. Heather:

    Gosh how is everyone finding 5, I think Ive tried everything and can’t find it! :(

  28. Brady Kent:

    Number 4 references a text mini card…. as for the egg’s cryptic tactics he’s doing a good job.

  29. taltal:

    Ok, found 1,2,3 :)

    That was fun!

  30. Heather:

    Brady- I was thinking text minicards but I looked all over and couldn’t find it!

  31. Me:

    Wonderful! Now I’ve sat through 3 videos of that stupif Alfie-cat and nothing! Phew.

  32. Fatima:

    Yayyyyyyyy A firend and I searched for 5 and was found! XD Deadly Number5!!

    *hugu wanlorn*

    Heather Number five turend out to be Easy xO !!

    use the keywords in the Clue!
    4th line is really helpful!

  33. Heather:

    Thanks Fatima that helped a lot. But anyone have much luck on 3 or 4? Has anyone even found 4??

  34. katherine:

    Help with 3 & 4 Just a small hint….

  35. Fernanda:

    I finally found number 5 !

  36. Brady Kent:

    I’m with you heather… I’ve tried and tried but can’t get a break. The clue seems to send us on a separate hunt; maybe one involving “ghosts live in the…” ?

  37. Heather:

    Brady- wanna email me and team up on this maybe we can get some input together… its adieuamour at

  38. Matthew:

    Awww I spent AGES trying to find #5 just after 5pm and it wasn’t even up :( .

    Found it now though.

  39. Lisa:


    We’re really sorry about #5. We had a few difficulties getting our little egg to appear. It was actually there but not in plain view. Glad you found it now.

  40. Julie:

    man, these are hard!!

    got 1 ‘n 2 but stuck stuck stuck…

  41. lisa:

    anyone who wants to team up email me or catch me on AIM : penguinfreak8182

    im so stumped!!

  42. amy:

    amy needs help…anyone out there need a partner!

  43. yana samat:

    buuu (sad face) my english is not that good…clues are harder for me…

  44. Anna Staggs:

    still stumped help

  45. Heather:

    Moo can you give us a clue on 4? I have searched for hours!!!

  46. Mavis:

    Found #5 at last!!

    Still stumped for #4!! Is it really to do with moo text cards?

  47. lloy:

    sigh. i can’t find any of these. :(

  48. jmb:

    “5 clues every day [...]
    Two clues will be posted in the morning
    [and] two in the afternoon”

    Ask ye not when the 5th clue will be posted.

  49. Kiera:

    I could not find 4 or 5. I think I got close on 5, but cannot find it. Maybe sleeping on it will help :)

    Any hints on 5? I got to the partner page

  50. Lisa:

    Hi Everyone.

    Number 4 is definitely proving difficult. While I’m not going to give a clue just yet, (I’ll leave that to Denise and Alicia in a few hours), I will say focusing on *text* is a good thing.

    Happy Hunting.

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