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Your favourite web app?

January 2008, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by patty

What’s your favourite web app? The one you just can’t live without. Is your social life ruled by Facebook? Do you twitter, obsessively? Plan your holidays around your Dopplr friends and your tunes around

Or… is it us? IS IT? Of course it is.

Either way, those nice folks over at Carsonified are doing a little poll, and they’d like your input. They want to find people’s top 10 web apps, and they’ll be announcing the results on 5th Feb. And why should you tell them, of all people? Well, because it’s quite interesting and I’d like to know the answer. Oh! And there’s also the chance of winning a Nintendo Wii!

So go …Continue reading this article…

Got Milk?

January 2008, by Denise | Add a comment

There’s a lot of creativity lurking among the MOO customers. Sometimes it inspires us, sometimes it makes us laugh, and often the ideas are so good we wonder how come we hadn’t thought of doing it ourselves. Then… well, then there’s the Milk n MOO pool.

‘Milk n MOOs? What can that be?’ I hear you cry. Well, to quote from the group directly, it’s ‘Photos including milk and moo cards’. Obviously. What else did you think it would be?

These are just a few of our favourite photos:

This is absolutely fantastic, by emelynilsson. She says ‘The evolution of Milk starts with MOO and ends with Butter.’ (Click the image to see it larger.)

This lovely looking photo is …Continue reading this article…

Paper trails to hearts and minds skulls

January 2008, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Denise

There’s always something nice about a handmade gift. And if you can’t make a gift yourself, well, the next best thing is the wrapping. The link I lost the other day has been found – it’s this beautiful paper-heart box. Perfect for a little Valentine gift – your last Rolo, a diamond ring, or a little magnet decorated with a MOO Sticker.

Darren Scott, an Australian based origami artist has made the template available for download as a PDF. If you’d like to make one yourself, you can find it here.

But if that’s just too hearty for you, and your Valentine has slightly alternative tastes, then this could do the trick:

It’s …Continue reading this article…

Love? I’m over it.

January 2008, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by rafting

Don’t love Valentine’s day? We know. We’re worried no one will send us a card either. I mean… Yeah! We think it’s rubbish too. Ahem.

So much so that we twisted Meg Pickard’s arm, and demanded she add her Anti-Valentines cards to our offering this year. They’ve been available as e-cards on her own site for the last year or two, and we think they

Kirigami, I love you

January 2008, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by monica

Whilst looking for a link which is so far remaining irritatingly elusive, I stumbled across kirigami. You might know origami, the art of folding paper? Well kirigami is a close relative. It’s the art of folding and cutting paper.

If you’re the crafty type and you’re thinking of making something a little different for Valentines day, then these images might give you some inspiration. If you don’t fancy making something yourself, relax, grab a drink, and look at the beautiful photos.

lilzabubba started my introduction to the world of kirigami. She’s created a variety of different ‘snowflakes’. This one is particularly relevant to Valentines day – but the whole set is really worth a look.

There’s an infinite number …Continue reading this article…

Who do you love?

January 2008, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

Anyone? No one? Someone… but you haven’t told them yet? Shockingly, if you want to make a really personal Valentines card or present this year, you need to start thinking about this now. How do I know? Well, because people are already blogging about it. And, lets face it, it takes time to think of what you want to make, get something printed and then to work your own special magic on it.

We’re busy working on a few ideas of our own, and will share them with you over the next few weeks. In the meantime,here’s an idea to get you started – look at this, by Steve O:

It’s 100 MiniCards, carefully mounted into a shadow …Continue reading this article…

Doing something different

January 2008, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Denise

Happy New Year! If you’re looking for a new hobby to start 2008, or something to get your creative juices flowing, you could do a lot worse than check out the MOO Flickr pool. And I’m not just talking about making MiniCards, I’m talking about all the great pictures people put on the cards. There’s a wealth of creativity and extraordinary hobbies and pastimes out there – these are a few we’ve spotted.

Henna Bee uses her cards to show off the amazing henna tattoos she creates.

If this idea appeals, check out more of her photos, she’s created some beautiful designs.

If you fancy something more permanent, how about chainmail? We came across these photos …Continue reading this article…

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