Blimey. a non-happy day at MOO

29th November 2007 by stefan

Well, it’s nearly over, but that was the kind of day that CTOs tell their children at night if they want them to be daredevil stuntmen when they grow up instead.

Starting at around 6pm last night, we started experiencing beeeg trouble with our main disk array. All the alarms went off, and Mike, our Techy Infradoodads Manager dashed down to Brick Lane to recover it from the backup. It took almost about 20 hours to get the site fully operational (direct uploads were particularly stubborn) but things are now fine again.

I’m sorry to everyone who tried to place orders today and had trouble -we had a number of false starts where we thought we had it working and then it went wrong again. It must have been even more frustrating for you than for us.

There are a number of people whose orders may be in an incomplete state – we know who you are, and we’ll be contacting you to sort things out over the next day or so.

The mantra we have at MOO is to never let the same thing go wrong twice- this is the first severe non-scheduled outage we’ve had since we launched 14 months ago, but we already know the fixes we need to make to prevent it in future.

I’d like to repeat: I’m really sorry, and it won’t happen again.

Now, pizza has arrived.

Comments (10)

  1. Bart:

    Don’t worry! This happens to the best families! Keep up the good work!

  2. Mimi:

    Awww… I’ve been waiting since to order since September… and finally decided to go ahead… placed the order and now this happens.. Well, anyway, thanks for being honest and letting us know — and enjoy the pizza!

  3. John smith:

    you should try inserting the toaster electrodes into you infra disk techno array, smear butter all over it, and you should be sorted

  4. Kim Oxford:

    May the Blessing of Christmas find your heart open to receive it.
    You guys are awesome!

  5. crisco:

    Oh I just sent you a nasty email about trying to order today :( 11/30 dont take offense – I didnt see you were still having issues. Hope it gets resolved soon!

  6. Damien Mulley:

    I still can’t place orders. Nothing happens when I click on preview orders. I’ll take my Christmas present buying elsewhere now.

    Some kind of message on the order page saying the system was/is still shagged might have made my life easier besides having to find a blog post saying everything is working ok when it isn’t.

  7. Sstudio:

    But I am still having problems trying to place my orders. Keep up the good service, guys!

  8. Gillian @ Indigo Blue:

    Wow, poor Moo guys. Enjoy the pizza, you deserve it. Big or small business, it’s tough keeping the customers happy on the best of days. You have a fun product, and I’ll look forward to the new stickers I ordered today! Wheeeeeee!

  9. rafting.55:

    Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
    ?Oliver Goldsmith

  10. Denise:

    @Damien, sorry to hear you got stuck with these problems too. As you can imagine, the tech teams first priority was to get everything up and running again as fast as possible. In times like that it’s sometimes the smaller things like customer facing error messages that get missed.

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