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Blimey. a non-happy day at MOO

November 2007, by stefan | 10 Comments – latest by Denise

Well, it’s nearly over, but that was the kind of day that CTOs tell their children at night if they want them to be daredevil stuntmen when they grow up instead.

Starting at around 6pm last night, we started experiencing beeeg trouble with our main disk array. All the alarms went off, and Mike, our Techy Infradoodads Manager dashed down to Brick Lane to recover it from the backup. It took almost about 20 hours to get the site fully operational (direct uploads were particularly stubborn) but things are now fine again.

I’m sorry to everyone who tried to place orders today and had trouble -we had a number of false starts where we thought we had it working and then …Continue reading this article…

Retro Rhinestone Moo

November 2007, by Kim | 4 Comments – latest by fiona

Quite a lot of the MOO Crew here in London grew up in the 1980s. We’ve managed to get over legwarmers, ra-ra skirts and Flock of Seagulls hairdos,* but we got really nostalgic after we received an email about the Rubik’s Cube this week.

My picture cube

Isn’t that just totally rad? … Bueller? … Anyone?

Matt has made his very own custom Rubik’s Cube, using a special self assembly kit and a MOO StickerBook! Not only did he send us pictures of the finished article, but he also sent us a link to video of how to put your own custom Rubik’s Cube …Continue reading this article…

Cards and Good Cheer

November 2007, by Kim | Add a comment

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the MOO offices – Greeting Cards are flying off the presses, and London is seasonably cold and damp.

Sensible Denise looked at the weather forecast for this week and decided it was the perfect time to visit Petra in the Jordanian Desert; she’s left me in charge of the blog. Hello!

We’re not letting the rain get us down yet! Moo’s contribution to the Holiday spirit this year isn’t limited to our fab Greeting Cards. We’re also running a Super-Duper Holiday Card Competition for the best designs submitted to our special flickr group.

We’ve been amazed at the response – over a thousand of you have joined the …Continue reading this article…

MOO and Etsy, together at last!

November 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by mlle a.

Yep! at last MOO and Etsy have teamed up, to allow you to make MOO stuff straight from your Etsy account! We’re really excited about this, not least because some of the MOO crew are a bit crafty themselves.

We’ve noticed craft sellers using MOO products to promote themselves for quite a while now, and the results have been really successful. I mentioned Yarnissima the other week for example – and she’s done it again – look at these beautiful packages for Christmas!

People have had some great ideas to promote their work. These beautiful bookmarks by Emmalynne are another example.

Need some more inspiration? Etsy have put together a huge …Continue reading this article…

New friends in far away places

November 2007, by Denise | 6 Comments – latest by Roc

As you might know, the MOO crew are an active bunch online. A lot of us have our own blogs or little side projects, and all of us have our photos on photosharing sites, like Flickr. We’re also interested in where the web is going, and what might happen in the future – which is why Kim, one of our product managers, happened to go to the iCommons Summit in Dubrovnik, a little while ago.

Despite the fact it was classed as a ‘holiday’ from work, when Kim met Chiaki she couldn’t help but talk about MOO. Chiaki is the CEO for Loftwork, one of the biggest creative networks in Japan. Loftwork provides a community and support for …Continue reading this article…

Making Holiday Cards with MOO

November 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Denise

Or – as I like to call it: The Drop-Box Shop Shock! Actually, there is no shock, but it sounds better that way, especially if you say it quickly.

As you know, we have some great content on MOO from a variety of different designers. If you’re looking to make some holiday cards this year and illustration is your thing, you should take some time to browse around. Shop by adding images you like to your drop box and you can review them later when you come to crop or personalise you cards. (The cool bit that makes them *really* yours)

The great thing about making a pack of cards like this is that if you know someone …Continue reading this article…

MiniCard holders (hurry!), and craft tags

November 2007, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by Charles R Olguin

Do you like black, orange or red? Know someone who does? Well if you’re thinking of buying a leather MiniCard holder for yourself, or as a gift, it might be a good plan to get it right now. Cobu, who make the holders were only able to send us a limited number of each colour, and we’ve just found out they wont be able to send us more until after Christmas. It seems that these three colours are really popular, so if you’d like one, get it while you can.

If you’re not sure about the other colours, here’s what our lovely intern, Rui has to say…


I’m using both leather and felt holders (priviledged as a MOO staff!), and …Continue reading this article…

We’ve launched Greeting Cards!

November 2007, by Denise | 9 Comments – latest by Anne

There’s been a few changes around here – did you notice? We’ve launched not only Greeting Cards, but MiniCard holders too!

We’ve wanted to make Greeting Cards for quite a while – and it was getting more urgent by the minute, what with Christmas coming up. (We use our own products – we need cards to send.) So we’ve launched Greeting Cards, which are printed in packs of ten, with the option of a different image on every one. Like all good greeting cards, they come with envelopes, and they’re hand-packed in a special gift box, to help them travel safely.

You can choose traditional white inside, or go nuts and select a full colour, …Continue reading this article…

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