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7th August 2007 by Denise

MOO Stickers are getting about, from craft lovers to yarn lovers to London Tube lovers, Stickers are being made of anything and everything.

So what to do with your MOO?

Flickr user, and MOOster epmd has had a long running project of leaving and photographing MiniCards in DC. Stickers make a project like this even easier, as you know they wont blow away when you leg it round the corner.

Here’s a couple of Stickers seen out and about. Bonus points if you live nearby and send us links to your own versions of these photos!

Little MOO-bird, stuck in Amsterdam, by Brian

Lovely shot of a ‘Read Coat’, stuck in Vancouver, by robotgirl.

Also spotted on Flickr today, is the MOO Cache project. A neat little project where stashes of MOO stuff are hidden in cities around the world, and if you’re passing by, you can add something of your own for the good of the cache, or in return for a cool sticker or MiniCard that takes your fancy.

The project was started by Tom Shannon, and the first cache is in Liverpool, England. If you live nearby, why not add to the cache? There’s more details in the pool, so join in! Spread your artistic talent around a little.

And talking of spreading yourself about a bit – remember ‘Where in the word is MOO?. The project that sends an empty box around the world, collecting MiniCards and stories as it goes? Well, that project is on it’s second box right now, and there’s already talk of a sticker book too! If you want to get involved, drop in on the discussion and add your ideas now, before it all gets started.

Comments (4)

  1. Thom Shannon:

    Thanks for the link Denise, hopefully a few more caches will start springing up about the place and it’ll get interesting. I just wanted some more cool stickers! :)

  2. Denise:

    No problem – it’s a nice idea!

  3. cat:

    ahha! i was wondering why my photo of my stickers had gotten so many hits! everything about moo is fantastic-can’t help falling in love with the stickers too. thanks a mil!

  4. epmd:

    Thanks for the link. I just noticed it. I am currently on #50 and have 50 more to go. it’s been so much fun and I have you all to thank for that. As for them blowing away, I make sure the fit in a spot pretty well so that won’t happen, but the stickers are a great idea too, unfortunately, they can’t take them home with them.

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