Stickers launch in less than a week!

13th July 2007 by Denise

Yep, the stickers launch is nearly upon us. In less than a week from now we’ll be launching our latest product and then, hopefully, meeting as many of you as can make it to our party.

I’m not sure any more what we’re most excited about – the stickers themselves (which we think are ace), the prospect of meeting you, or a stiff drink.

The office table is covered in stickers, which we’ve been testing and playing with for a few weeks now. They’ve been road tested in pockets, on phones, on notebooks, in bags, on laptops and on foreheads, obviously. (C’mon – you *know* you’re going to stick at least one to your forehead… Aren’t you? It’s not just me… Is it?)

In the meantime, we’ve been watching the MOO swaps flying by. You’ve been almost as busy as we have!

Great shot by Rafa from Brazil

sublime_rw’s MOO swap set, and another set by pfiel. There’s a lot of it about…

Have a good weekend!

Comments (29)

  1. Tyroga:

    You guys and your products are freakin’ awesome. I love my moo cards and can’t wait to see the stickers.

  2. Sylvain:

    Great :-) no special offer for the launch ? ;-)

  3. CampRate:

    Awesome! I have been looking for something like this for while. I can’t wait!

    Do we know what size the stickers are going to be? Or the prices?

    Keep up the Good work

  4. littleoslo:

    I cant wait as well!! It’s great to have it for birthday gift hahaha!

  5. Randy Stewart:

    Can barely contain my excitement over Moo stickers…. I just need to take more pictures of fairy princess mermaid ballerinas for my 3 year old.

    congrats on the new products!.


  6. dave:

    How are they for fade resistance? And do they have split backs for easy peeling?

    Awesome! I can’t wait. Just ordered 2 sets of cards, but stickers will be totally killer.

  7. Indian Videos:

    I ended up on your website via TechCrunch. I have been looking for something like this for my company. I am looking forward to your sticker product release.

  8. withaplomb:

    I’d love to be at your party but i have a bit of a strange sticker phobia! Maybe you guys can cure me?

  9. Stefano:

    One new customer for you with this :D

  10. Geovane:

    Rafa, voc

  11. futurejunkie:

    just placed my 2nd order for cards, can’t wait for the stickers!

  12. kristy b.:

    i cannot tell you how excited i am to order stickers!!! i love your company and your creative cards! i’m so excited to implement all your products into my photography business. i know my clients are going to love them as much as i do!

  13. rusdaddy:

    Forget what my kids with think of this new product, I just can wait to be one of the fist people to have moo stickers.

    I have bought 4 boxes of cards so far, and every meeting I have with a new client kicks off with ten mins of – ‘oooh, I love your cards’, and’Wow what a great idea’, and ‘hey where can I get some of those’

    big up yourselves


  14. Graeme:

    Great, that’s exactly what I needed !
    I want to order stickers asap for all my sites ;-)

  15. sublime_rw:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the stickers!!!
    and thank you so much for mention my moo set!!! whoohoo!

  16. Piero Vereni:

    I received last week the minicards I ordered a couple of weeks ago from Italy. They are just terrific and I am so happy I discovered this site. As soon as possible I’ll order the stickers for Rebecca, my five-year-ord daughter. She’ll love them, and stick’em on MY forehead… Congratulation for your fantastic job. I’ll review it on my blog for italian readers.

  17. trin:

    I’m using my moo cards as 1) business cards and 2) tags for my crafted items ( and I’m looking forward to the stickers for sealing the wrapping of the craftworks as I send them out, and to attach moos in greeting cards. (so far only I’m “ok” with stickers from the store.)

    My daughter will be off to the University soon, so she may be getting her first set of cards soon.
    I can’t WAIT for stickers!

  18. Kar:

    aaaahhhhhh! i am so excited! I can’t wait to see what they look like. I want them now! i’ve been hearing rumors for quite sometime and its true yay yay yay

  19. hazel:

    Is there going to be any more frebbies?

  20. Zan:

    The Other Side Vintage is so happy to have found you! We were with VistaPrint for a long time but now we have a new passion…MOO!

  21. Mari:

    Can’t wait for the stickers!!
    Just got my freebie batch of moo minicards, I’m in love with them!!! :)

  22. Sofi:

    En que fecha van a salir los stickers? y van a volver a tener la promo te fotolog? la que son 10 mini cards gratis.. la espero porque me encantaron! besos.

  23. Gianfranco Chicco:

    yahooooo!!!! It’s funny, because I sent you an email a couple of hours ago asking for stickers, and just now I discovered your blog and the news that they are about to come to life!!!

    moo rulez

  24. pffft:

    love your stuff. i wish fulfillment was faster to the US.

    i will be ordering more anyway! ;)

  25. Martin Dolphin:

    Think this is due today? no sign yet – but hit the refresh every few minutes just to see!

  26. Archijs:

    Finally there here! Grats. Will be ordering next week…hopefully. Well, not untill i get my film shot until the end :)

  27. Martin Dolphin:

    Ah it’s there now – thought there was going to be a free offer? no sign yet – quoted

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