One promo over, but another begins!

8th June 2007 by Denise

The free MOO and LiveJournal/VOX 10 pack promotion is over now, but we’re excited to say there’s another offer for those who’d like to buy a 100 pack: for the rest of June, the shipping will be free with these partners!

Buy a nice little box of LiveJournal or VOX MiniCards and we’ll ship them to anywhere in the world for no cost at all. (Which will save you $4.99 (USD) /

Comments (18)

  1. Liz Maness:

    I had 10 images with 10 cards each made and I Love Them! They are so cute I have shared them with many of my artist friends
    Thanks Liz Maness

  2. SM:

    MOO, I love you!!! But I ordered two sets? One with pictures and one with text to see which one I liked better. The text one came in today, no word yet on the picture one. Hope it gets here soon. I want to order by 100 pack before the end of June. Thankyouthankyouthankyou so much for these samples, they are so beautiful! I love you!

  3. Mariana:

    I just received my pack yesterday and they exceeded my expectations by far! I also showed them to a few of my workmates and who knows? Might have some done as our business cards. :) Shot MOO, you guys ROCK! Nga mihi nui!

  4. Zeb:

    Aww I didn’t order mine as a Livejournal pack of 100, so no free postage for me XD

    Doesn’t worry me too much, the cards are fantastic and I would have bought them anyway.

    Thankyou for providing such a great service!

  5. Sarah M.:

    I got my LJ freebies, they turned out great! :D Can’t wait to hand them out. The ones I actually paid for, that’s another story…

  6. @ngel:

    Just ordered a bebo pack! I can’t wait to receive it…

  7. Alixandra:

    I love my cards so much, they’re perfect. I cannot wait until I can get more. Thanks so much!!!

  8. Monica:

    I just got my MooCards after much wait, but patience is a virtue. I absolutely love them! It’s just I felt a little bad that one card was repeated and I think it was during the card submission that was when things went wrong because I was missing a design. I understand that you guys are busy, though, so I won’t be as hard on you guys. But keep up the great work! LOL! I’ll be staying tuned for another promo! I just don’t have money for cards right now, plus shipping… I doubt my parents will let me order. THANX!!!

  9. Angel:

    Just got my 100-pack this morning – and I love them!!!! Haven’t given any out yet – but they’ll make wonderful little things to give out when I leave my school in two weeks’ time.

  10. Kristi:

    Just got my free 10-pack, and it’s definitely motivated me to order more! Great idea, Moo! For those of you who haven’t received yours yet, you’ll be happy, the colours are bright and the quality is awesome, the cards are not flimsy at all, they’re thick and of sharp, nice quality. Thanks again!

  11. bitwhizzle:

    I just got my free 10-pack and I absolutely ADORE my text cards! They’re brilliant and are so much more wonderful than I was expecting. I will definitely be ordering more later on!! Thank you!!!

  12. anne:

    I ordered a free 10-pack to my boyfriend in Canada. I am in Brazil and I think he will be surprised when receive it! Thanks moo to give me this oportunitty to say my bf That I love him!

  13. fudg3:

    thanks for the text cards!!! I loooove them! :D

  14. ian:

    im gutted i missed the 10 packs i would have orders 2 lots.. please do them again for everyone

  15. kuzzho:

    hi there … i just drop here trying to get a promo code for my fotolog website !

    :) thx

  16. Patricia:

    ingreso a moo y sale que puedo obtener los stikers free, pero no logro obtener el promo code… ¿ de donde lo saco? ya que quiero tener cosas de moo pero las free como se ofrece.
    espero respuesta gracias

  17. Denise:

    @Patricia, I’m afraid this promotion has finished now.

  18. Liz Maness:

    OH all of my special little cards are gone –so soon
    Everyone I gave one to were so pleased and had such nice comments to make.
    I never had that happen before on a “business card”
    Moo you are the best

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