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Get Your LJ & Vox cards quick!

June 2007, by Denise | 6 Comments – latest by Sophie

The free postage offer for LiveJournal and VOX MiniCards ends on Monday! So if you’re thinking about making some cards, do it now to take full advantage, while you can. If you fancy swapping cards with some fellow LiveJournal users, check out the swapping community – it looks great… and so organised!

Our Fotolog promotion is over now, but 10,000 little packs have either gone or are in the process of going out to new MOOsters all over the world. If you’re a Fotolog user and have received a free 10 pack, add your photos to the Fotolog MOO Gallery, and show people what you’ve been making.

Stickers are well into production now – we’re blown away by your positive …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s Hot & Sticky Summer Party

June 2007, by Denise | 51 Comments – latest by miley syrus

Well, you asked for it


June 2007, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Andrew Llorente

The Moo team are slowly recovering from ‘Hackday London’, sponsored by the BBC and Yahoo! Over 400 developers got together for a two day event at Alexandra Palace, featuring speakers, music, bacon sandwiches, and most importantly, lots of coding – just for fun. We saw some great things being made and worked pretty hard ourselves. We also spoke to some lovely people, and handed out a lot of ‘Yay!’ stickers. No one got much sleep, but as you can see, we took our time there very seriously indeed.

Denise and Dan, each sporting a yay. (Taken by deusx)

Nicky and Richard (Taken by Dan)

We also spied a cool little desktop app someone has …Continue reading this article…

One promo over, but another begins!

June 2007, by Denise | 18 Comments – latest by Denise

The free MOO and LiveJournal/VOX 10 pack promotion is over now, but we’re excited to say there’s another offer for those who’d like to buy a 100 pack: for the rest of June, the shipping will be free with these partners!

Buy a nice little box of LiveJournal or VOX MiniCards and we’ll ship them to anywhere in the world for no cost at all. (Which will save you $4.99 (USD) /

Tutorial Link: adding unique codes to MiniCards

June 2007, by Denise | 8 Comments – latest by Richard

Be warned, this tutorial is not for the faint hearted, but it does include the tags ‘social’, ‘shopping’ and ‘wine’, so you can see why it caught our eye…

We spotted it over at the Adegga blog. This is a companion site for the about-to-launch ‘social wine discovery project’.

Adegga decided to use MiniCards to invite 200 people to their site. Each invite needed to contain a unique login code. The tutorial explains how they did this, using a little bit of magic and Google Spreadsheets.

It looks like a bottle of wine and a few glasses of port were also involved in the process, but if you’re a non-drinker, I believe this is optional.

Fotolog shares the love

June 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by gaby e.

Last month MOO and Fotolog offered free 10 packs for Fotolog Gold Camera members. This month the offer has been extended to include everyone else!

If you have any type of Fotolog account and would like to try a free pack, head over to MOO’s Fotolog page and start making a 10 pack while stocks last.

Got some MiniCards already? Doing something extra cool with your cards? Then post your pictures in the MOOCards Fotolog group. We love to see what you’re up to!

Iain, one of the MOO Crew shows off his 10 pack…

Gold Camera Member ‘nydiscovery’ displays a 100 pack

We’re looking forward to seeing yours! Hope you have fun making your cards.

Things to see and MOO Do.

June 2007, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Denise

As you might know, we’re a nosey bunch – and we like seeing what people are upto with their MOO stuff. We’ve noticed a couple of things going on recently that you might like to join in too.

The first one is a little complicated. A four step program, ‘The MOO art-project’ launched yesterday. We noticed this a month or so ago, and have been wondering what it might be ever since. (This isn’t an ‘official’ MOO project, its something set up by artists who have bought MiniCards).

The four steps are listed as:
1) Disintegration
2) Back home
3) Left Overs
4) Reunion.

With the launch came the option to sign up and take part in Step one: Disintegration. The artists explain that …Continue reading this article…

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