A week in pictures

26th May 2007 by Denise

It’s been a mad week here – we’ve launched with LiveJournal, VOX and Fotolog and our printers are buzzing! Here’s a few little pictures, to let you know what we’ve been upto, as sometimes, words just aren’t enough…

Little VOX 10 pack holders, waiting for your cards

A complete LiveJournal Order

LiveJournal orders, packed and ready for their envelopes

Even in all the madness, work still goes on with Uploader orders…

Our amazing office manager, Lucie, orders in pie, as she notices we’re all glued to our computers and living on caffeine.

The Fotolog 10 packs await their fate…

Ready to be packed with your cards, by the MOO Packing Crew…

and then mysteriously sniffed by Dan. (We don’t usually like to mention that though, to be honest.)

We hope you had fun making your 10 pack orders. Despite all the late nights, we’ve had a lot of fun making them. And better still, we had many pies.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Comments (14)

  1. Mel:

    I ordered my ten free last night and I am rather excited. :) I can’t wait to order notecards next!

  2. Spica:

    :( I keep on getting error pages every time I finish my ten designs and go to the next step. Darn. I really want those cute cards too.

  3. Sarah!:

    This is pretty neat! I’ll be ordering a 100pack when I get my recent photos!

  4. Stacie:

    haha, I love pie!

  5. Camille:

    Can’t wait neither. I’m in Europe so I will have to wait more time but I’m very excited. I wanted to order since a long time but it cost a little bit too much for me :’

  6. Kate:

    Just placed my free 10-pack order, and am very excited to see how they turn out! If they’re as good as I expect them to be, you’ll have a customer for life. ;)

    Thanks, everybody, for pumpin that caffeine to get our orders out! Dan, try to keep your sniffing to a minimum, huh?

  7. Denise:

    @Spica – have you tried again since the initial rush? The site was a bit overloaded, and we know people were having problems, but a lot of them seem to be fixed now.

  8. Kelly:

    Hey everyone, Come to http://www.whereismoo.com... join in the fun! There are only 27 spots left in the first collection, but if we get enough responses, we can start working on the second collection already. It can be a race of the collections… who can finish first?! :) You can also email me at moomoo@whereismoo.com

  9. Meredith:

    I can’t wait to get my set!!

  10. Kitty:

    Just ordered mine. If they come out great, ill be ordering some for my wedding!

  11. Yol:

    Love my 2 ten packs. They arrived today. Very quick indeed.

  12. Anne:

    I love you guys at Moo. I received my free pack today, and I’m SO happy it survived Indonesia’s postal office. *grins*

    Thanks again, guys!

  13. geneinthebattle:

    I want to work with you! Your working environment looks fun! No wonder you guys are so artistic and productive. Keep up the good work! :D

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