LiveJournal and Vox: friends of MOO

22nd May 2007 by Denise

We know LiveJournal and Vox users have spotted this already, because our site has been going crazy for the past 24 hours. But just incase you missed it, here

Comments (24)

  1. Ben:

    Yay! New cards!

  2. Christian:

    Wow, I’m a Voxer and that is great news!

  3. Bronwyn:

    These are wonderfully nifty! I’m going to use them for birth announcements!

    Thanks MOO, for the free samples!

  4. Denise:

    Aww, no problem Bronwyn… good luck, or congratulations! (Which ever is most applicable!)

  5. CarlenLea:

    Yeah! I love the text cards. I don’t think we have that option with the flickr cards. Can’t wait to get my LJ samples!

  6. Madtwinsis:

    oh thank you for this nifty offer!
    I’m a voxer aswell as a member of livejournal, does this mean I can order for each blogsite a set? (I know, I’m greedy ^__^)

  7. Karen:

    Wow, thanks! I’m waiting for my 10-pack to come in.

  8. Geovane:

    Que Bom!
    estava esperando por eles!
    obrigado Moo!

  9. Brandy:

    This was a neat idea! I checked it out and totally designed my cards, and now all I have to do is wait…

    This graphic designer thanks you, and thinks that your operation is brilliant! =D

  10. gloomywanderer:

    Yay! This is really a great idea! Excited to see my 10-pack!

    Thank you so much!

  11. prinsesprieel:

    Thx for the offer MOO, they look really cute ^^

  12. Lelainia:

    Thank you Moo peeps! You are too kind. I just let my flist know about them so prepare for a deluge! ;)

  13. awintersunrise:

    This is officially awesome. I get to advertise my blog AND my gallery on the same card! Much yayness.

  14. x0xMiKAx0x:

    thanks for this awesome offer, Moo! i love these little cards, and i’m waiting for mine to come!

  15. Ashavah:

    You guys are fantastic for offering the free samples! I’m really excited about the chance to show off my photography and my blog!

  16. Sara:

    is there a promo code for the 10 free or do we need to buy a regular pack??

  17. _selene_:

    I was so excited when I logged into lj today and saw the newsfeed on this. The text cards are soooooo fun to make! (and even more exciting to think that I will be holding them in a few days.) Thank you :)

  18. shalti-bolti:

    Hey, how I can to receive free promocode for LJ user?

  19. emchy:

    I am so excited for my lj moos. My pal showed me her flickr moos last weekend and they were teh awesome.

    But I can’t get my photos (from LJ scrapbook) to load at all – should I just wait a week or two until the rest of LJ stops stopping up all of the tubez?

  20. bolddeciever:

    Just made some text cards for the 10 free; if they look anywhere near as good in person as they do in site photos, I’m going to have to buy more!

  21. Denise:

    @shalti-bolti, you don’t need a promo code. Just hit the ‘Get a free 10 pack’ link, log in with your LiveJournal username, and away you go.

    @emchy – have a read of the faq – linked at the top of this page. The LiveJournal page deals with the most common problems people are having. Hopefully that should help.

  22. Jason C. Brand:

    Thanks so much for the free 10 pack! I am pretty sure I’ll be ordering more… what a great way to keep in touch with people you meet at conventions or in line for the latest summer blockbuster movie! I could have used a MOO card when the latter happened while in line for POTC 3.

  23. Miranda:

    Woot, hey thanks for the free 10 pack!!! -YAYNESS i know i’ll be ordering more.

  24. mallenx:

    Hola, es una buena idea.
    Saludos desde Chile
    Hello, excellent idea.
    congratulations. Greetings of Chile

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