Notecards are go!

18th April 2007 by Denise

Moo’s new product, NoteCards is now officially live! We’re all very excited. A few lucky MOO-sters got to test them before today, and the feedback has been great, you can read some of the comments in our Flickr pool. We’ve worked really hard on this, so we hope you like them too.

Right, now lets get down to the hard facts – what are NoteCards, exactly?

Well, to put it bluntly, we miss mail. Not email – we get that by the bucketload – but real post. Post that isn’t a utility bill or something boring. So we dreamed up NoteCards – square prints made from up to 16 of your own photos or designs. They have a magic folding-flap down one side, to make them stand up proudly on your bookshelf or windowsill, and they’re the perfect size to mail to friends.

The photo area of each card is 100x100mm. They’re printed on similar stock to MiniCards, so they stand up nicely and make your images look professional (which, from what we’ve seen, they often are.) The reverse of the cards is un-laminated, so you can write your message in pen if you like, or sign it with a flourish.

You can personalise the back of your cards in two different ways. There’s 6 lines of larger text for a main message, and at the bottom of the cards, there’s 4 lines of small text, for things like a photographers credit, the name of the photo, or your website url.

They cost $24.99 (USD) /

Comments (19)

  1. andyp:

    This is awesome – great work! I’ll be ordering some just as soon as I’m on a faster connection…

  2. Jim Callender:

    great news, so is this little moo card’s long lost big brother? will be getting me some anyways..

  3. Monky:

    Nice product, but I miss a promo for free note cards.

  4. Jennie:

    Ahhh! Excitement explosion!!

  5. Danielle _Blue:

    Oh My Goodness, just when I thought that there was no more room in my heart for Moo, BLAM, I got chosen to be a lucky test pilot for these note cards, and my little heart overflows!

    I received my 16 pack yesterday and they are divine. I was thrilled to see that you even included envelopes so I can post these out straightaway. You guys think of everything, and make me so happy… Thank you Moo… you’ve just reinforced my addiction and you are ensuring the job security of postal people worldwide!

  6. Carly:

    Sorry gang but 16 for 16? that’s pretty crazy expensive. I love me some Moo, but that’s a high price to pay.

  7. Jon:

    I think that it isn’t very clear that you get envelopes and that is why it seems so expensive. Perhaps you need to show that in the picture.

  8. Bas:

    I agree with Nick and Carly: I think Moo is great, very great stuff. My Moo mini cards were awfully cheap in comparison to what my Moo friends are offering now! That’s why I boo! at Moo for pricing these cards, but yay! for guaranteed quality and ease-of-use. So I’ll wait and hope the price drops.

  9. molly:

    my goodness, i love you more than riding around in a tricked out cab singing along to neneh cherry at the top of my lungs!

  10. Geovane:

    estou a espera de um promo code !

  11. Kaps:

    Very nice product. I have seen Ready Made Designer packs on the website. They are very good indeed.

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