MiniCards, now in Habbo flavour!

5th March 2007 by Denise

Habbo and Moo have teamed up to make Habbo MiniCards! Select different backgrounds, position your Habbo avatar and enter your own text in little speech bubbles, to make a unique set of wonderful cards.

We’ve loved Habbo Hotel for ages. If you don’t know it, its a visually stunning online world – and so cute! You can walk around, chat to friends, furnish your own private rooms and play games.

These Habbo Minicards, are a way of taking your Habbo life offline and sharing it with friends in the real world.

They are also a great option for the camera shy. No photos online but still want some MiniCards? Make yourself a Habbo at Habbo Hotel (it’s free!) or use one we’ve made for you. Customise the cards in a way that’s unique to you, and away you go. Simple, cute and effective.

You can make up to 10 designs, each with different text in the speech bubble. This means you can make 10 cards for a special occasion really easily, and slip them in with the rest of your 100 pack. Birthday for a special someone? Make them 10 gift tags, with your Habbo saying ‘Happy birthday!’ and keep the other 90 cards for different occasions.

They’re fun to make, and fun to share. (Although at the moment I’m keeping mine all to myself, so hands off…)

The 100 pack comes in our lovely Moo box…

… and the cards themselves are super-cute.

Comments (18)

  1. Giuseppe:

    What’s the promo code for Habbo Minicards?


  2. Slapdash:

    Hey, What

  3. Denise:

    NO NEED TO SHOUT! The promo code will be revealed to people and their Habbos in good time.

  4. Caden:

    How do you get a promotional code?

  5. Denise:

    Hi, if you’re eligable for a promo code, Habbo will let you know by email.

  6. Romyka:

    oh…..(sighs)…. but I want to get a promo code now!!!… i just wish i knew if I could get one!…

  7. K22:

    Yeah, Can i still gt a promo code canadian here yah :D they didnt advertise for us

  8. Ruth:

    are the promo codes for habbo club only?

  9. Denise:

    Hi Ruth, each Habbo Hotel in each country is in charge of handing out the promo codes. At the moment I believe they are just for Habbo Members only, yes.

  10. Reece:

    Can I HAve a Code Please I’ll Be your Friend :P

  11. amber:

    plz plz plz give me the promo code i need it Ty xx

  12. gigi:

    can i have a promo code to try the mini card,please? thanks!

  13. Denise:

    Hello, I’m afraid the promo codes are given out via Habbo, not us – look out for your emails from the Habbo club team!

  14. aiden:

    can i have a free moo cared plz

  15. Jenna:

    How do u get a promo code?????

  16. casey:

    hi yes i belive there handing out promo codes here i am caseycool from habbo uk iwould lk a promo code

  17. Denise:

    Hello, I’m afraid only Habbo give out the promo codes – you have to look out for your email from the Habbo team.

  18. vitor366:

    porfavor me da minicards de gra

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