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Mini treasure hunt, London

March 2007, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by josh

Are you in London? There’s a MiniCard to be found… somewhere in East London. We’re slightly late to this particular party, as its already been found once – BUT it’s been put back in the same place, to be found again. Let us know if you find it. And the same rules apply here – no clues in the comments. (As if we have a clue…)

A MiniCard, on Wednesday.

UPDATE: The solution. Mr Diamiond Geezer certainly knows his stuff!

MOO traders

March 2007, by Denise | 6 Comments – latest by RainAtDawn

There’s much MOO trading going on over at Flickr. Our little cards seem to be on constant travelling vacation. These are some of the great swaps we’ve noticed going on recently.

A great idea for a lovely card made by RainAtDawn, for flickrich.

An illustrated MOO and matching card, sent to Rafael Nogueira, from Pure Gin!

A cute little photo and card sent by esmereldes to Pure Gin!

Interested in joining the fun? Take a look at the following Flickr groups:
MOO me
Moo card traders
Moo Swap

Calling makers and crafters…

March 2007, by Denise | 6 Comments – latest by Joel Greenberg

We saw lots of cool stuff at SXSWi – some great panels, some great barbecue and some lovely people. (Lets not talk about the drinking right now.)

Some Barbecue, in Texas.

We also saw some publications that might interest the more hands on MOO people out there.

For the crafters, we came across Craft magazine. A project based publication dedicated to the new wave of crafting.

I fell in love with the first issue, sporting knitted robots on the cover and an article entitled ‘Embroider your skateboard’. The second issue covers everything from making a small cabinet from circuit boards, to crochet, to sculpting wool into beautiful, felted fruit and vegetables.

The magazine is based on traditional …Continue reading this article…

Make a MooPocket

March 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by vicki riley

As ‘Splatgirl’ says, this is not for the faint of heart. It is however, a MOOPocket! A beautifully crafted case for your Moo Cards, made from fabric.

This is a good step by step guide, with pictures to help you along the way. Splatgirl says if you’re quick, and ask nicely she’ll consider making and selling you one… Although we’ve also seen her other posts about cooking, and wonder if we could get her to feed us aswell… amazing stuff.

If anyone else is doing projects like this, please let us know. We love it when we stumble across these things and it would be great to feature you in the blog.

Link Love

March 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Frank Wentworth

Photojojo have been talking about time capsules, which is an idea that set our heads in motion. We love this idea – how about making a time capsule using your MiniCards? Use some of your own, and some of your friends… we know they stand up to a certain amount of bashing around, before anything happens to them – so they should last the distance.

The coolest thing about using MiniCards for this? It has to be metadata – with Flickr MiniCards every card can include details on the back, like the date it was taken, the title, and the url. Knowing the date is was taken will be great, and lets face it in 10 years time …Continue reading this article…

SecondLife cards!

March 2007, by Denise | Add a comment

As some eagle-eyed SecondLifers have already spotted, you can now make MiniCards with your SecondLife images.

Simply email postcards directly from Secondlife to secondlife[at] Then log in to to retrieve your images and design your cards.

Simple! You can make up to 100 cards, with your own images or, if you’re short on time, use some images we’ve made for you.

It’s never been easier to get the people inside your computer down to the pub for a drink. Hoorah!

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