Bebo + MOO = Bebo MiniCards!

24th January 2007 by Denise

We’ve got a new friend! MOO have teamed up with Bebo to make Bebo MiniCards. If you’re a Beboer, take a look at our swanky new profile page at Why not make some MiniCards to share with your friends, use as flyers for your next gig, or party invites?

For those that aren’t Beboers, we’d describe Bebo as a social networking site for teenagers. You can set yourself up with a profile, photo albums, a blog and a few other things besides. Its a fun place to hang out with friends. Now, members of Bebo can use images from their photo albums to make MiniCards. There’s a choice of exclusive funky icons and different styles for the back.

And there’s more! MOO likes celebrating new things with our friends. To celebrate our new partnership with Bebo, we’re giving away 10,000 free mini-packs to Bebo users! All you have to do is head on over to and become a friend of MOO. (Offically that is, we know you are already).

There are exclusive icons to choose from, for the back of the cards….

And different types of backgrounds.

Woo! We haven’t been this excited since someone bought us cake!

Comments (14)

  1. Roxanne:

    I think its good you teamed up with bebo! And the 10000 free mini-packs are great! Moo cards are so cute!

  2. Etienne:

    Nice addition.

    For those of us who still store their pictures on hard drives and not online, when can we expect to order Minicards from iPhoto on a Mac ? That would be a killer addition too.

    Good luck

  3. Ewan:

    Oooh! I like the funky multi-coloured backgrounds! Can we get them for flickr MiniCards as well?! Pwease :)

  4. Denise:

    @Etienne, we’ve got a lot of plans for the future – hang on in there. Sounds like a great idea.

  5. Denise:

    @Ewan – you charmer! Glad you like the Bebo backgrounds. We thought it would make a nice change :)

  6. Dan W:

    Nice, any chance of facebook cards?

  7. Lamia Mac:

    Hey, thanks for the free cards, OFFICIAL (lol) friends. I’ve made mine up with pictures of my best friends, just as memoirs to carry round. Meh. ^^ Moo cards rawk.
    ~ Lamia x

  8. Dan W:

    O’r cards? Think of the deliciously printed album art…

  9. minxlj:

    I don’t use Bebo, so I would have preferred MySpace cards…or maybe we’ll have a choice in future?? Anyway, MOO Flickr Minicards rock so I’m sure these do too

  10. tara m.!:

    hello MOO!….so sad!!!:O:O:O…..all your free 10,000 packs on bebo are gone….and I just made the perfect 10 pix ever!!!…..oh well:(……..i was wondering do you have this promotion (the 1×10 pack free) on any other website i can join to sign up for 1o mini cards …..i would luv that more than anything!!:D:D:D…….i would appreciate it sooooooooooooooo much if you could get bac to me about this A.S.A.P.! xx-tara-xx

  11. Denise:

    Sorry you missed out on this promo. Keep an eye on this blog, and you’ll find out what’s coming next as soon as we tell people.

  12. Streetstarr:

    sick,moo&bebo roc by da way dis is knew to bebo & i think it rox. its so much better than utube or any other sight.

  13. Streetstarr:

    i love bebo i go on it every knight just to check out my freinds

  14. becca:

    i am trying to make one for my self

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