Skype MiniCards – grab ‘em while you can!

23rd January 2007 by Denise

We’ve had lots of fun with Skype MiniCards, and seen some very cool little cards being made. We’ve shipped to 107 countries, and given away 1000′s of free minutes. We’ve looked at the funny stuff you’ve written on the front of your cards and thought ‘Gah! I wish I’d thought of that!’

But like a packet of your favourite sweets, all good things come to an end. The Skype promotion is drawing to a close.

But not yet!
You’ve got 7 just days to make some cards! So what are you waiting for? Go on!

Comments (7)

  1. Ben:

    What a shame! There were my favourite cards.

    Hope there will be a similar product soon!!!

  2. Craig:

    What!?! Why!?!

    Flickr cards are nice, but the Skype cards were much better! I’m disappointed. Hopefully you’ll replace them with something even BIGGER and better.

    By the way… What’s Bebo? Oh wait… ‘Teenagers’ you say… nevermind.

  3. CaLi:

    why why does the collaboration with skype have to end? the moo/skype cards were cards one could have the most fun personalising! :(

  4. minxlj:

    I much prefer the Flickr ones, to be honest. Hopefully there’s more cool products in the pipeline at MOO!!

  5. Pedro Custódio:

    I just received mine skype cards today, and I really didn’t realized you weren’t going to have more…

    pleassseeeee pplllllleeeeeassseeee give us some more skype cards.. I just loved them and they really got a bunch of friends of mine interested…

    I just love to personalize them… expecially if you like mine have trouble selecting images that go with you..

  6. H3llM4rine:

    Won’t you please bring these wonderful little beauties back? I’m ashamed to say that I actually have a hard time giving my cards out! (I only ordered a promotional sample-pack. =\\ Please bring them back, MOO! We all love these cards!

  7. Stephanie Booth:

    May I join the crowd and say “Please give us the Skype cards back, MOO!”

    I love the Flickr cards, and I’ve just ordered my third pack — but the Skype cards I could write upon were really something. If you can’t get Skype back, please-please-please let us write things on colourful backgrounds for our minicards.

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